21 Jan 2016: Name, USA

I would dive with you in all destinations in Indonesia. Great trip, weather, STAFF, diving, room, food and etc. My evaluation speaks for itself. Thanks! Boat: All excellent Diving: All excellent Crew: G and Lisa did a great job. I enjoyed Jose and his lectures. My dive guide Ronald is very experienced and tries hard to please his customers. The staff was very helpful. Food: All excellent

21 Jan 2016: Nellie, USA

Overall this was an outstanding trip - the quality of the diving and the staff was excellent. Boat: Beautiful boat! Diving: All excellent Crew: Joni is the most excellent dive guide - unbelievable! Lisa and G are wonderful, they ran a flawless trip, thank you! Food: All excellent. Kadek and Anto are the most fantastic, conscientious people. An absolute pleasure to be around.

21 Jan 2016: Anonymous, USA

Last dive trip after 22 years, we will recommend Arenui to our dive buddies. Diving: Amazing dive sites, fish life was healthy. Crew: Great organization and dive planning.

21 Jan 2016: Mandy, Hong Kong

Diving: Excellent choices and timing with no crash with other boats. Crew: Very clear briefings nightly by G, so we all knew the plan very well. Excellent divemasters who communicate even underwater to show everyone the most of each site. Anto is so detailed orientated and remembers everything, it's amazing! Wayan gives great massages! Jai and Hoiron super helpful with cameras, diving equipments, making diving hazzle-free. Food: Awesome to have soft drinks, juices, alcohol variety!

21 Jan 2016: Jim, USA

G and Lisa are very good. I appreciate their "owning" of the operation. Hope to dive with you in April 2016 in Alor.

21 Jan 2016: Anonymous, USA

Crew: Great massages from Wayan! Loved the stewards and tender help was great. Food: Enjoyed the soups and wahoo.

6 Jan 2016: Amy, USA

Terima Kasih! I was not expecting to love this trip as much as I did. The dives and the service made it unforgettable. We were so lucky to have Lisa as our dive guide, so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Happy that G certified us in Nitrox diving. Thanks! Boat: All of the management and systems are excellent, like the labeled towels, the organized dive boats, shelves for our gear. Made it so relaxing! Diving: Best diving ever - loved each dive! Crew: One of the top service experiences I have ever had in my extensive travels. Each staff person works very hard and is so genuinely kind - truly special. All notice and anticipate our needs like handing me my hat on the dive boat. Wayan and Wenton both are so funny and helpful with towels, wetsuit, toothpaste in masks, etc. Food: The food was delicious, and beautifully presented. Kadek and Anto were so kind - much appreciated.

6 Jan 2016: Anonymous

Crew was awesome! Loved our divemaster Lisa, and the stewards and room boys. Really great service all around! Always felt taken care of.

6 Jan 2016: Jennifer and Alex, USA

I would like to say thank you to the entire staff of The Arenui for making our trip such a wonderful experience again! You have proven that there is really no comparison when it comes to liveaboard diving in Indonesia or anywhere else in the world!! We have had a fantastic time diving with The Arenui. We truly enjoyed every part of our experience with your company from the assistance provided by the home office to the exceptional service and experience of the boat staff. Thank you all!! As a final note I would like to say that we absolutely enjoyed the new educational portion of the trip. The information Jose provided was wonderful and brought a greater appreciation for the beauty of these fantastic waters. This type of addition increases the value of this trip and will hopefully bring awareness to more people. Thank you Jose. Boat: The accommodations were perfect! The attention to detail created a soothing atmosphere to relax between dives. Diving: The diving was spectacular! The attention to detail by the divemasters, tender assistants and staff created such a comfortable safe experience, I was excited to dive every day! Crew: We LOVE the staff of The Arenui!!! Everyone is so welcoming and such a pleasure to be around. The staff and service they provide is the first reason we keep coming back to The Arenui. Food: As always the food was delicious and plentiful! You cannot go hungry on this boat!

6 Jan 2016: Ann and Greg, USA

Lots of fun - everyone was great and worked hard! Jose did amazing at the talks, they were a nice addition! Diving: Jose was an amazing dive guide and we loved his talks - perhaps have more and earlier in the trip. Crew: G and Lisa were delightful as Cruise Directors.

6 Jan 2016: Ed, USA

We are big Arenui fans and would like to join again. Boat: Cabins are beautifully decorated and comfortable. Diving: THANKS!! We always felt safe and Lisa was wonderful at pointing out interesting sights. She is genuinely enthusiastic. Deck boys and tender crew excellent too. Crew: The team leadership from G and Lisa was very genuine. Everyone is very guest focused = really impressive! Anto is spectacular. Jose was very helpful getting our rental gear all set up and we enjoyed his lectures. Food: The kitchen team did a great job handling my peanut/nut allergy.

6 Jan 2016: Anonymous, USA

This trip was the dream trip that I was hoping for. Thank you ALL!

6 Jan 2016: Marloes, Netherlands

The Arenui feels like home far away from home. I am amazed by how quickly almost all the staff knows your name and know exactly which equipment belongs to you and what your preferences are food and beverage wise. This was my second trip and I was so happy to recognize staff from the previous trip. I do not want to "cheat" by going on another liveaboard than The Arenui. It's all in the little detail. We got an amazing vegetable sculpture after passing our Advanced Course given by Wawan, our more than fantastic Divemaster. Thank you all. Boat: Enjoyed the shower gel, etc. very much. Crew: All the staff works so hard to please the guests as much as possible. You can see and feel they are proud to work for this company. Food: Enough fresh vegetable and choice every day in such a long trip! Well done.

6 Jan 2016: Stacy, USA

Amazing as always. All excellent. Thanks for not running out of Diet Coke.

6 Jan 2016: Ingrid, USA

This was my first liveaboard for a reason: I wasn't willing to go unless the conditions were VERY comfortable. The Arenui and crew surpassed my expectations. I will only do another liveaboard if the comfort level is the same caliber. Very good first experience, although now I am spoiled. Staff is very accommodating, willing to take any request. Overall great experience! Food: All excellent. Anto was fabulous!

6 Jan 2016: Robin, USA

Diving: The variety of dive sites was very nice! Crew: All excellent. I liked the scientific presentations.

6 Jan 2016: Chaz and Barbi, USA

We really enjoyed our second cruise on Arenui. The efforts the entire crew went to to ensure a safe, comfortable and extra special diving experience was terrific. Terima Kasih sekali to everyone including Siska, Debbie and Jerry in the office. G and Lisa are wonderful Cruise Directors as well as very fine dive guides. The entire crew provides a comfortable, safe, exceptionally fun dive cruise. They obviously work as a team. And we had an added treat from Jose's marine presentations. The relevant biology knowledge really enhanced our diving and just being in the special Raja Ampat area. He is a great teacher! Thank you Jose! Boat: We loved Rama. Diving: Loved Lisa's briefings, tender drivers so excellent. Raja Ampat still full of fish. Crew: G and Lisa's enthusiasm made the diving even better - really appreciated them. Anto and Kadek spoiled us. The efforts of all the crew were above and beyond. Special requests whether dining or diving honored gracefully. The Arenui is a beautiful boat but the crew sets it apart from the rest. Can't imagine better! Food: The vegetarian menu for dinner was an excellent option. Better for all of us and the planet. Hope it was not to hard on Chef Ketut. This is a special feature on the Arenui. The fish preparation was extra special.

6 Jan 2016: Marleen, Netherlands

Another trip of a lifetime on the most gorgeous liveaboard, with the most attentive crew, in a fabulously beautiful marine area - Raja Ampat on the Arenui! With Wawan leading our dive group of four we had the best diving experience ever! Boat: Great to be able to get fresh air/open window-door in Shinta, plus plenty of light. Diving: Beautiful dive area and Wawan is a great Divemaster and guide, he spots everything however tiny, is very attentive and safety conscious. Crew: the crew is very committed to guests having a good time. Food: Nice wines and great food.

6 Jan 2016: Sara, USA

Such a fabulous trip! So relaxing. We loved how easy diving was. Having the gear so organized. Having the early and late groups staggered to spread out dive timing. So clever and efficient! One of my favorite parts of the trip was diving with Lisa. She was a great divemaster, always pointing out fun tiny critters. Even though she has done so many dives, she was still so excited about everything. This made it so much more fun for us. We would always see her eyes get wide under water, like ours. And she would clap when she saw something super exciting. One day we saw a huge grouper and she squeezed my arm so hard :o) Boat: Loved having air conditioning in rooms and restaurant. Loved the shade upstairs. Crew: Everyone was so great and helpful! Anto and Kadek are so awesome and fun. Wayan and Wenton are great too - always greeting us enthusiastically. Our tender drivers Nasir and Bayu were so great too! And Lisa and G were so helpful and fun! Food: So delicious! Loved how many choices there were at every meal. Everything was so fresh.

22 Dec 2015: Cai, China

All excellent!

22 Dec 2015: Sunny, China

Thank you Arenui! Boat: Very comfortable and clean. I like the wood crafts. Diving: Many fun. Crew: Thanks to all the crew. Lisa is a very excellent dive guide. Food: Very good!

22 Dec 2015: Kay, Singapore

Boat: Love the sky lounge area to relax in between dives. Diving: Good variety of dive sites. Love Shadow Reef and Blue Magic. Layout of tenders is very well thought out with enough space for the divers. Easy to keep trade whether the divers have returned. Crew: The stewards and tender drivers are exceptionally attentive. Keep it up.

22 Dec 2015: Michael, China

All excellent.