27 Nov 2014: Oscar, Spain

Crew; Ungke is excellent : - )

27 Nov 2014: Maria, Spain

Very roomy and comfortable, thumbs up for the design! Lots of room for storage. Crew; Ungke is an excellent guide :- )

27 Nov 2014: Andrea, USA

I was in Barong and loved the room! I'll be back and tell all my friends how great this boat and crew is. Crew; fantastic! Food; Best foodservice on any liveaboard I've been on.

27 Nov 2014: Laura and Chris, UK

Crew; Wawan is a great guide and great teacher, he is a real asset to the dive team. I'd encourage my friends to do a dive course with him. I didn't take a class with him but I can imagine that he must be a fantastic instructor because he has 2 key qualities - safety, so divers feel relaxed and know he takes divers seriously; plus enthusiasm, so divers get the buzz for each new dive site and new encounter. Plus the fact that he has learned the Latin names of most of the critters! :-)

27 Nov 2014: Kate, UK

I feel so utterly blessed to have been a guest and part of such an amazing trip. I visited such special places - it was incredible and so special. As a new diver, the support and encouragement has been so overwhelming. I feel so very lucky and saying thank you doesn't seem enough. I'd like to give special thanks to Nic and Wawan for helping me develop my confidence in the water and encourage me to reach my potential. I've enjoyed every second and have looked forward to every dive, knowing that I am going to see and experience some very special things. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope we can join you all again in the future for another adventure! Boat; the boat is absolutely stunning and the attention to detail makes it a real dream boat. It has an overwhelmingly homely air about it, which is both comforting and superior. Diving; the dive sites are beyond incredible - so much to see, feel and experience. I feel so lucky to have seen and experienced so much as a new diver. Crew; the crew are such a special bunch. So welcoming, encouraging and supportive. They are truly very understanding and wonderful people. I feel they have made the trip the best experience to date. As a new diver their support and friendliness has been invaluable and their enthusiasm is extremely contagious! Food; the food service was so very delicious and varied. Chef Putu, who made the fruit carving, is truly talented and I found his mannerism so overwhelmingly special. Overall totally faultless.

27 Nov 2014: Alex, UK

When diving, I mainly first like to see stuff that I've never seen before. With relatively few dives, the easiest things to hope for are the big stuff. On this trip I saw so much I've never seen before - most of it small, no less amazing for it - but that moment when two eagerly anticipated hammerheads swam into view, and when the devil rays circled us curiously - they remain the two highlights. Thanks to all Arenui crew! Boat; the boat is beautiful elegant and comfortable. There was a great sense of 'coming home' as the tender brought us back after each dive. Diving; the diving was spectacular! It's a privilege these days to get up close and personal with such remote place. I've seen things I wouldn't have believed. The excitement of divemasters and cruise directors is infectious, before and after the dive! Crew; I honestly do not believe anyone could have been more helpful welcoming attentive from delivery of service to general great conversation. Every person managed a delicate balance of professionalism, service and friendliness - necessary for such an intimate type of trip. Food; the food was delicious and plentiful. I ate less as the trip went on, but that was by no means a comment on quality - I first gorged myself on deliciousness and had to reign myself in as there was so much to try... There was a lot of fish on the menu - apparently as its always requested and expected by divers - which I thought strange considering the oceanic problems.

27 Nov 2014: Denise, USA

Crew; Nic was amazing helpful and very friendly, she always made sure we got what we needed - always smiley.

27 Nov 2014: Brian USA

Diving: the diving was incredible and the divemaster made it possible to see so much sea life. Crew; the crew was amazingly nice helpful friendly and went out of their way to make the trip great.

27 Nov 2014: Tim, USA

The crew really fostered a sense of family community that permeated the whole trip. We leave not only having seen almost embarrassing quantities of incredible creatures but with new friends from around the world. Incredible journey! Boat: I have no suggestions to improve the facilities - they are many times better than any liveaboard before. Diving; the flow of divers was managed beautifully. Crew; the crew was incredibe - every one of them from Aan the tender driver, to Wyan and Wenton and Anto and all the other crew and our fabulous cruise directors. I hope they are all here next time we are! Food; the food was wonderfully prepared and certainly plentiful.

27 Nov 2014: Anonymous

The support and care of the crew was the best I've ever experienced. Everyone seemed to enjoy their roles and facilitate friendships with crew and other passengers. Thanks for a wonderful experience! Our last dive, like so many, had so much to see - Ambon scorpionfish, octopus, seahorses, eels, frogfish, devilfish - all in a few meters. So amazing to see the flamboyant cuttlefish who quickly changed from brown 'rock' to an incredible display of colours. Healthy reefs and such a variety of dives - muck, wall, macro and schooling hammerheads! Wow!!! Crew; the crew was amazing - they work well together - helpful in every way and spoiled us with their care.

11 Nov 2014: Michaela and Markus, USA

When I first set foot on this boat I was still carrying my laptop bag - but when Nic offered to take it from me upon I politely said something like "Oh no worries I've got it". She gave me a look and cocked her head and said "No you are on the Arenui now" - I'll never forget that look on her face. It is unfortunate that I didn't get to meet and spent as much time with the entire crew that worked so unbelievably hard behind the scenes, but those that I had the most contact with were phenomenal, Ronald was truly truly amazing! He read the minds of all 4 of us anticipated every move and need. Nic is the sweetest person and her knowledge of diving the world is amazing. Waking to her voice every morning was a perfect way to start the day. What can I say about Edu? He is truly a master of craft. He perfectly divided his time between educating us, chatting with the guests about anything under the sun, keeping us safe, choosing the best sites based on 100 factors that he calculates in his head - yet keeping both the crew and clients on a schedule. He and Nic both made themselves available all day and night long, which is difficult to be on call every day. They never seemed burdened and actually truly interested in conversing, teaching and learning from all the guests. The personalization of each client was amazing! The crew completely in tune with different guests needs and desires. The boat: amazing vessel! Diving: Of course everything was amazing but if anything it was the diving that superseded all of that! The crew; please disregard my comments on the diving section as the crew was easily the highlight of the trip. Food; amazing selection, quality and presentation. I've never been a foodie but I might be now!

11 Nov 2014: Keith, USA

This crew has the sense of 'one team' which is a big reason for their success. When we arrived on the boat we were relatively new divers (50dives) but we learned so much and feel much more confident now ! Thanks to the crew for encourage us to take the long safety stop learn how to use safety stop every dive. The boat; beautiful. The diving; amazing. The crew; we love the crew! On day one when our AC was not working, several crew stayed up until midnight changing the entire unit - wow. Food: You fed us well!

11 Nov 2014: Michaela, USA

Boat; amazing. Crew; wow - we have traveled all around the world and never had service like this! Anto and Tony are amazing, sweet and kind. Food; croissants are amazing!

11 Nov 2014: Lawrence, USA

The most organized liveaboard I have ever been on (I've been on over 20). Crew; excellent. Food; excellent!

11 Nov 2014: Jack, UK

This was a trip of a lifetime! Great hearing fellow divers say it was the best liveaboard they had experienced - some had over 20 or more. It's the staff that makes the trip - in this regard the Arenui has the best and we will be eternally grateful for the professionalism, friendliness and "can do" attitude of all 22 staff. Well done guys - you deserve a medal each!

11 Nov 2014: Chandana, South Africa

Up there with some of the most precious, memorable, happy, pleasurable experiences. A big heartfelt huge Thank You to every single crew member who played their part in giving me the best liveaboard experience. You are simply the best all of you are worthy of my respect and high praise, best wishes to you all! Nameste! Boat; beautifully appointed cabins - appreciated the turndown service and chocolates. Thanks for the nice gift bags nice touch and the massage. Good onboard shopping loved the storage boxes. Diving; really appreciated the help I received from the guys on the tender to gear up and get in position to back roll. Crew; a special thank you to Wayyan for my massage therapy session. Such a happy friendly helpful crew who delivers 5 star service! Greatly appreciated no request too much. Food; two thumbs up! Yummy! Really appreciated hot chocolate after the night dives.

11 Nov 2014: Mari, USA

From the moment we stepped onboard we felt cared for. Not to mention the outstanding service that Siska provided us with all of the details for our travels. Our AC had a problem our 1st night and Eduard stayed up late into the night to get it going, WOW! I cant say enough about the wonderful crew on board and how kind and fun everyone is. It was a wonderful adventure, I think I am spoiled for all other liveaboards. Crew; outstanding crew. I didn't even mind the early wake ups - Nic was so happy. Food; so much - where to start - let's make it easy; delightful!

11 Nov 2014: Leslie, USA

This was a wonderful experience. The boat the crew the diving the food absolutely fabulous!!! Dive the best with the Best!! Boat; beautiful details both cosmetic and convenience. Diving; a variety of environments offering opportunities for different experiences. Crew; not only was the service great, the friendliness and interactions with the crew added another dimension. Food; OMG seriously good great delicious food. Never ever hungry or wanting more of anything.

11 Nov 2014: Cheryl, Malaysia

Great trip! What topped it was the personal touches, like knowing our names, our likes, etc. Thanks for an amazing honeymoon, It was certainly a holiday to remember.

11 Nov 2014: David, Australasia

The diving; WOW!! Crew; wish there was a higher score than excellent, the were amazing!

26 Oct 2014: Bill, USA

Debbie and Jerry are the best Cruise Directors I've even met and had the pleasure to dive with. The entire crew has always been the most attentive, caring crew I've experienced. Thank you for the amazingly high standards that the crew always aspires to and achieves. I experienced the most exciting, adrenaline filled dive of my life on "A Bit Far Rock", a new dive site to the "Forgotten Islands". Dive master Ungke and I hit the top of the rock in a swarm of trevallies, dogfish tuna, pyramid butterflyfish, fusiliers, eagle rays and gray reef sharks. The schools were actually streaming around us, almost touching us for an amazing several minutes. I will remember this dive always. Thank you Ungke! The crew; outstanding stewards, dive masters and Cruise Directors. I always appreciate Jerry's advice and encouragement in my photography.

26 Oct 2014: Phil, USA

Great crew - thanks! The diving; tender drivers are excellent. The crew; outstanding top to bottom. The food; outstanding!

26 Oct 2014: Roz, UK

I have nothing bad to say about the crew, the boat or the diving. Outstanding job all around - expensive but worth every cent. I will be back! The diving: The trip was exploratory in some areas and the crew all did a great job. The crew: This is the best and most team-orientated crew I have ever seen. Everyone works hard and is a pleasure to be around and are first-rate in their own right. FANTASTIC.

26 Oct 2014: Sheryl, USA

My favourite liveaboard. The diving: Despite unchartered dive sites this itinerary has so much to offer. The crew: An outstanding crew, not surpassed by any other liveaboard. They can't do enough and are always smiling. The food: I don't believe I ever experienced a more accommodating menu, something for everyone.

26 Oct 2014: Kathy, USA

Great dive trip and fabulous boat. The crew and service was spectacular. The boat: Best boat we've ever been on. The diving: Beautiful reefs. The crew: Outstanding service. The food: Fantastic.

26 Oct 2014: Rosemary, USA

See you in May 2016. The boat: In awe with the Captains focus and decision making. Had some rough crossings but always felt safe. Thank you El Capitano. The crew: Jerry and Debbie are an excellent team. We will book excursion in the future with them for their friendly and competent leadership. Jerry my dive master had understanding and ability to read his divers. Thank you, thank you. The food: Always superior, choices to please all.

26 Oct 2014: Peter, USA

The boat: All in all the best facilities in any liveaboard I have been. The entire crew was friendly, helpful, funny, knowledgeable.

26 Oct 2014: Mike, USA

The diving: Superb! Great staff The crew: All were outstanding - CAPTAIN and CHEF were among the best I have ever encountered. The food: Very creative menu, especially the vegetarian alternatives.

26 Oct 2014: Anon, USA

Appreciated that despite the uncertainty of a new itinerary, Cruise Directors, Captain and DMs went out of their way to scout out currents, anchorage, safety and "entertainment value" of islands and dives sites. This was well reflected in dive briefings and daily briefings, as well as changes to planned itinerary. Despite travelling in such a remote area I always felt safe with the Arenui and its crew. The boat: Everything was beautiful and extremely well maintained as on previous trips on Arenui. Crew were unobtrusive but constantly going about cleaning after us, straightening pillows and cushions, laying out towels, etc. The diving: Really enjoyed exploring the "Forgotten Islands" itinerary with the Cruise Directors and DMs. Briefings were realistic about new sites and potential for current etc, but DMs were careful in looking out for divers and ensuring safety. Site on Nus Leur and Dawera were exceptional! DMs Wawan and Ronald had exceptional eyes and were patient with photographers. Tender drivers were attentive to detail and helped execute start/finish of dives. The crew: Absolutely exceptional! Thrilled to have Debbie, Jerry, Wawan and Putu from previous trips. Everyone went out of their way to be friendly, helpful and courteous from start to finish. Captain was extremely conscientious of ship in new locales but also conscious of effect of best motion for guest comfort. Stewards, DMs and therapists rapidly found our names, cabins, equipment and preferences. I mentioned to Debbie that I had reached a landmark (number of dives) and Putu created a carved fruit/vegetable centerpiece in honour of the landmark. It felt so special! Every time I dive on Arenui I feel like I'm coming back to my Indonesian family. The food: Always plentiful and excellent quality/taste. Appreciated the fresh fruit/vegetables throughout the trip.

11 Oct 2014: Sue, USA

The staff was so excellent and caring and helpful. THE BEST! Debbie and Jerry really know what they are doing. The diving: Varied dive sites, my first real concentration on muck diving - saw things I've never seen.

11 Oct 2014: Ginny, USA

Excellent, passionate staff, simply the best! "A night to remember" - Thursday 9th October 2014: Dinner served in the sky restaurant under the stars and "blood moon" and front and center an erupting volcano as our dinner show. Definitely an evening for the memory book! Unbelievable! Thank you Arenui. We love you! Huge thank you to all the staff for a fantastic 12 days!

11 Oct 2014: Greg and Ann, USA

Another fantastic cruise on the Arenui! Loved how all the crew knows everyone's names, gear and preferences. The volcano dinner was amazing! Especially love Debbie and Jerry. The diving: Aan was always so cheerful. The crew: Loved how the room boys had fun with our stuffed animals posing them! The food: Thank you for the beautiful anniversary sculpture - that was so special!

11 Oct 2014: Lisa, USA

The crew: Everyone always has a smile on their face and happy to help with whatever you needed. Felt so special that they always called me by name. The food: The vegetarian options were wonderful.

11 Oct 2014: Jeff, USA

The food: Absolutely amazing! I couldn't have asked for anything else.

11 Oct 2014: John, USA

This is a great opportunity to experience some of the best diving in the world while enjoying unparalleled service, safety, food and accommodations.

11 Oct 2014: Steve, USA

Love Arenui! The diving: Wawan is a GOD!! He is also charming, pretty handsome and shows me amazing blue starfish. The crew: Can't say enough about the crew, they were all amazing. Debbie and Jerry are excellent CDs and have a great relationship with local crew. Stewards and therapists are wonderful, always helpful and friendly. Food and beverages always delivered with a smile. Tender crew very helpful and safe. The crew ROCKS! The food: Really good food. Booze kind of expensive. Wine great and reasonably priced.

11 Oct 2014: Dale and Hayley, USA

It was our first muck diving trip and we found it to be fun diving. Wawan was an excellent (one of our very best - and we have had many) DM. We were quite happy to find (or be shown) many Indonesian ocean critters that we have never seen before. Anything we requested was provided straight away. Super trip!! Komba fantastic. Awesome fast current dive - loved it. And we came up from one of our night dives and both said the same thing - that was awesome! - (non-stop action). Boat boys and deck boys, stewards and kitchen chefs all top notch! The boat: top notch liveaboard! Staff friendly, attentive, competent. The diving: Overall great diving! The food: very, very good.

11 Oct 2014: Laura, USA

Fantastic family-like crew and staff. Could tell they all work hard and work well together. It was a pleasure to experience the Arenui!

11 Oct 2014: Gary, USA

I wasn't sure how we would fit in as we are in our first year of diving and this was also our first liveaboard trip. The dive masters, crew and staff are excellent and helped keep us comfortable and the diving was our best to date!

11 Oct 2014: Ruthmarie, USA

I would go anywhere on this boat! A real bonus to this trip was going to the active volcano, Komba. The evening hours were filled with the anticipation of the erupting volcano, the backdrop of a full red moon and the camaraderie of newly found friends. A truly magical and memorable night! The boat: Cabin was kept very clean and comfortable. Restaurant areas had ample space for everyone and kept very tidy. Sky lounge was particularly nice with the shade tarp up. Dive prep area was well organized. Very easy living! The diving: Destinations and dive sites were well planned. Briefings were thorough with nice illustrations. I always felt safe and tenders were constantly close by. The crew: The whole crew seemed very happy and cohesive. Excellent attitude from everyone. Crew anticipated everyone's needs with care. Dive master was very attentive and excellent at finding critters! (Ungke) I learned a lot! Very, very nice people. The food: We certainly would not go hungry! Food was fresh and varied. Great flavours. Croissants were yummy!

27 Sep 2014: Dan, USA

Happy to report that you have maintained the same high standards! Another perfect trip!! Cruise directors did a fine job - good choice.

27 Sep 2014: Jill, USA

Boat; comfortable bliss being rocked to sleep! A Beauty! Pleasure living in this sublime surrounding for the trip. Diving; loved everything. Wawan did a fantastic job finding our photographers interesting critters. Love diving with him. Crew; everyone onboard and at office was dedicated to our happiness! Cruise directors were very charming, helpful and always kept things flowing nicely seemingly efortlesly. F+B; never ending supply of delicious food! Decadent! Espresso is my friend!

27 Sep 2014: Derek, USA

Great experience. Best boat I've ever been on. Diving; the staff cleaning the wetsuits and helping us put on off gear was very much appreciated.

27 Sep 2014: Jennifer, USA

I would highly recommend the crew boat and trip to others and would definately dive with the Arenui again, it would be my top choice. Crew; Edu and Nic were great, professional, friendly and fun. Wawan was excellent as a divemaster guide both in knowledge and energy - also very professional. The entire crew were excellent friendly and helpful. What a pleasure!!! Especially Anto and Tony at each meal and snack. F+B; wonderful food and selection - exceeded my expectations.

27 Sep 2014: Minh, USA

Great crew, great boat.

27 Sep 2014: Anon, USA

Diving; loved the volcano. Crew; wonderful crew! Always smiling and very responsive to requests/concerns. And very knowledgeble on fish, wildlife, Indonesia, health, etc. Very thoughful and lots of nice touches - hot towel and chocolate after night dive etc. F+B; overall delicious food and appreciated the kitchen being so accommodating to special requests.

11 Sep 2014: Donna, USA

Truly a fabulous experience. One of a kind vacation! The boat; spotless ship, very clean, every comfort provided. The diving; Nicole was amazing, patient, helpful and made it fun. The crew; well organized, informative, excellent food, attentive service. They spoiled us!!! The food; truly amazing.

11 Sep 2014: Gary, USA

The dive boat Arenui carrys with it the myths of it's Indonesian culture as well as reverance for the sacred seas it explores. Nature's beauty, it's realities and a sense of harmony that surrounds her is beyond ones imagination. From the greetings at the airport to the warm-hearted gracious welcome extended to everyone never faded from the crew's faces. Felt comfortable with the over the top accommodations and at home. Food; when it comes to diveboats ... there is no comparison ... delicious is the operative word. Finally the priceless gifts the staff extends their Arenui guests ... are treasured memories that last forever. I'll be back.

11 Sep 2014: Henri, USA

All the crew is excellent. Nic was my diveleader and as a newer, less experienced diver, I felt safe at all times. Great host and great dive leader! The diving; wow! Incredible diving. The crew; well coordinated team. Always felt like everything was on time and executed perfectly. The food; every meal was excellent.

11 Sep 2014: Richard, USA

Facebook page is great! The boat; second liveaboard experience. Best time ever. The divemasters/Cruise Directors set a high standard. The diving; felt safe all the time! The crew ; excellent - friendly, helpful, all very concienious. The food; best food on a vacation ever!

11 Sep 2014: John, USA

The crew; the service on the entire trip was second to none. Simply the best. The food; amazing food. When I get back I need to stop eating for a week ...

11 Sep 2014: Pat, USA

Wonderful experience - best dive boat I've ever been on! 1st class operation.

11 Sep 2014: Diane, USA

I have been on many liveaboards and this is the BEST one ever. The crew was always ahead of my thoughts!!! And on top of everything! The crew; the best! The food; loved the outdoor eating at night.

11 Sep 2014: Noel, USA

The best liveaboard to date for me! I'll be back in 2017! The boat: with everyone bringing laptops no need for any elaborate photo facilities. Diving; the best diving for diversity.

11 Sep 2014: Jerry, USA

After 3+ decades of diving around the world and many many liveaboards and destinations this was the unqualified BEST. Best in every catogory and a great vessel, crew, food, dive sites and the most fun departure party ever. Will definitily try to come back in 2017.

11 Sep 2014: Cynthia, USA

Fantastic crew and great boat. Great setup. Nic and Edu are great Cruise Directors - best I've had in my 10 liveaboard history - always smiley and upbeat. Great you sold pointers onboard. The crew was exceptional - they work so hard - I'm sure I"ll be back on board. Our group of 16 people had such a great trip the moment we stepped onboard. The crew was so accomodating. Divemasters found every critter they mentioned and more. The best liveaboard I've ever been on (this is my 10th liveaboard). Cruise Directors Nic and Edu thank you for keeping us all happy ... crew and divers. Can't wait for my next trip.

11 Sep 2014: Jim, USA

The crew; most attentive and efficient crew I've ever experienced. The food; best food by far of any liveaboard I've been on.

11 Sep 2014: Steve, USA

Excellent time on your vessel. Wonderful crew, experience and value for money. The diving; thank you for the 200th dive recognition ceremony! Very memorable.

11 Sep 2014: Anon, USA

During the course of my 35 years of diving and several liveaboards, nothing compares with my experience on the Arenui. Thanks. The crew; a total class act - A+++! The absolute best!! Can't say enough to compliment them.

1 Sep 2014: Jill, USA

This trip was my most enjoyable in 5 years of diving liveaboards. The service from the entire crew was excellent. I especially like the personal attention from the waiters, the tender crew, the guys that helped me pull on and off my wetsuit and especially my wonderful dive guide Wawan. Nic and Edu were warm and welcoming and went out of their way to accommodate me. I would like to thank the chef and kitchen crew for surprising me with a beautiful fruit sculpture to celebrate my 200th dive. It was unexpected and greatly appreciated and I will always remember this trip fondly ...

1 Sep 2014: Caryl, USA

The best dive experience for a beginner in the field. Although I am not a certified diver, I love to snorkel. The Arenui crew was very accommodating and gave me a snorkel adventure with the manta rays that was the adventure of a lifetime. Wow! The boat; nice, spacious, cool and comfortable ship. The diving; I was not diving but heard great comments about the dives from guests. My snorkel trips during three dives were great! Nic is my hero! The crew; the staff and crew are the cruise. Their special knowledge and personal attention made my trip!

1 Sep 2014: Lionel, USA

The crew; our divemaster Wawan was very helpful and great at spotting. Kept an eye on everyone's air scrupulously but unobtrusive.

1 Sep 2014: Anon, USA

The boat; loved always having hot water. The diving: more damaged corals than I expected. Many sites FABULOUS ... Liked the mix of muck and blue/fish. The crew; Tony and Anto were so friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed their company and service. Cruise Directors went above and beyond to deal with any issues/needs, etc. Excellent attitude and service. The food; loved the tempe. Loved all the veggies!

1 Sep 2014: Angela, USA

Excellent staff. Thank you for a wonderful time. Cruise Directors are knowledgeable and personable. Dive masters know where to find things. Kitchen staff excellent. Felt better than at home, it is great to be spoiled and pampered.

19 Aug 2014: Paul, USA

I'll have to join you in a passage from Raja to Komodo or the other way around! Cruise Directors did a great job modifying the itinerary due to conditions and making the whole experience enjoyable. Thank you! My dive guide (Ungke) is incredible, finding the tiniest specks of critters. After one particular dive he was so excited that he hustled my still wet camera and asked "Please pull it up!" - searching the ID books revealed this pinpoint creature as an "undetermined shrimp" - so cool! The boat; I don't have any great ideas how you could do this better. Crew did a great job with post-dive camera rinsing ... thanks. The crew; suberb crew! The food; among the best!

19 Aug 2014: Kelley, USA

Fantastic trip! Thank you for the excellent service and hospitality. Having an opportunity to get feedback from a photography instructor was much appreciated. I had a great time and learned so much!

19 Aug 2014: Josef, Switzerland

Was a great trip! Thanks to all of you!

19 Aug 2014: Liz, Australia

Thanks for letting me interrupt your daily schedule with photos! Great trip. The diving; good to see radios with the dive guides. The crew; geat care of the cameras.

19 Aug 2014: Rudina, Italy

The crew is excellent and really devoted to meet our needs, very friendly and always smiling!

19 Aug 2014: Antonino, Italy

A very nice experience especialy due to the amazing efforts by the crew.

19 Aug 2014: Susana, Switzerland

The boat; all in all it's a very nice boat. The diving; super places, very relaxed and safe. The crew; all were very friendly and helpful. We had a very great time and a lot of laughs. The food; your cooks are great!!

19 Aug 2014: Harry, USA
The crew - Fantastic crew. Everyone more than compatible. Makes the higher cost worth it.

19 Aug 2014: Greg, USA

Very nice trip. The exploratory dive was very nice. The crew; food was always good and everyone was always friendly and helpful.

19 Aug 2014: Marylin, USA

I came for the photography which was outstanding and was more than pleased with the entire trip.

19 Aug 2014: Jacqueline, Switzerland

The crew; good support before the trip to arrange the hotel and flights! The food; delicious mashed potatoes!

19 Aug 2014: Thomas, Switzerland

The boat; nice cabins. The diving; we had Edu a very funny and cautious divemaster! The crew; very friendly and helpful.

4 Aug 2014: Anita, USA

The boat; congrats to the creators of this beauty. The diving; perfect balance of dives. Also the balance of diving and land/volcano vist was very well done. Briefings were the best! The crew; been on many liveaboards - not one comes close in service and smiles! The food; food is very healthy and beautiful prepared.

4 Aug 2014: Dave, USA

Second trip to this area. After more than 6,000 dives globally this is the best diving in the world. We plan on returning and bring a boat load of friends with us!

4 Aug 2014: Wendy, USA

The crew; everyone is awesome! The food; great job on covering all options for all the different pallets.

4 Aug 2014: Catherine, USA

I was wowed by my experience on the Arenui. I will be spoiled for any other boat in the future. Thank you for a truely outstanding experience. I would like to particuly complement Nic - she served as both Cruise Director and divemaster. Lots for her to do! We loved Edu's briefings. The crew all very good humoured, professional and eager to provide the best service possible.

4 Aug 2014: Judith, USA

The crew ; excellent crew!

4 Aug 2014: Alana, USA

Loved the boat, loved the drawings of the divesites. All the crew were wonderful. Food very good.

20 July 2014: Gary and Gerry, USA

We loved our vacation with the Arenui crew. Thank you.

20 July 2014: Lori, USA

This was a pleasant surprise. Everything was better than I expected. I am a better diver and it is all because of the trip. I am a girlie girl and loved it.

20 July 2014: Lisa, USA

I can't wait to come back again! The diving; the diversity in sites was great, I enjoyed every dive. The crew; outstanding crew in everything. The food; amazing and delicious what Putu and his chefs made for us - outstanding vegetarian variety.

20 July 2014: Sherrie and Timm, USA

The early part of our Komodo charter was challenging due to weather. Debbie and Jerry did an awesome job of researching where the best diving would be and getting us there. They kept the guests updated every day so everyone was informed. The crew; the divemasters worked hard to find interesting things on each dive the tender drivers were always there to pick us up when we surfaced after each dive. The stewards treat each of us like royalty. The food; the chefs are spectacular! Preparing five meals a day cant be easy and they make amazing great food every meal.

20 July 2014: Vickye, USA

Wawan made the trip so special and I felt very safe diving with him. He made it fun too! The crew; Wawan was wonderful! Tony and Anto made us feel so special.

20 July 2014: Trish and Graham, USA

Second trip with Arenui (Raja Ampat, March 2012). This trip was great. Weather conditions created a problem, staff turned around the itinerary to create a good trip. All dives were awesome. The boat; very efficient layout. Top deck rocks! The diving; wetsuit in good condition. The crew; very helpful, friendly and nice! Great Facebook page by Debbie. The food; great food! Excellent veggies and salad.

20 July 2014: Paul, UK

Overall the trip was excellent. The crew is terrific. Our DM Wawan was fantastic. He really made our trip a wonderful experience, especially for Kelly. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Arenui to anyone! The most outstanding feature of this trip was the crew. In every department they went above and beyond in their efforts to make our trip enjoyable. Debbie and Jerry did an outstanding job in making sure everything seemed effortless to us while we know this in itself is a true skill.

20 July 2014: Emily, USA

We have traveled all over the world and staying in luxury hotels and I'd put Arenui up against any of them. The staff goes beyond the call on EVERYTHING! We've already booked our next trip to come back. PERFECT!!! Thank you. The boat; excellent facilities that lend themselves to a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere. The diving; there are no words to describe just how AWESOME and DIVERSE the diving in Komodo is!!! The diving; warm, funny, kind and catering is how I'd describe the entire family on the Arenui. The food; yum, yum, yum! Eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive!! Phenomenal food at every seating.

20 July 2014: Kelly, USA

Even though this is the only liveaboard I've done I don't think I would ever go on another unless it was the Arenui! An unforgettable and amazing experience. I'm really going to miss the crew!  The diving; Wawan was an excellent dive master and really helped me improve my skills! The crew; everyone was amazing. The whole crew went above and beyond to make sure we were always happy! Tony and Anto were very attentive. Wayan and Arta were always helpful too!

7 July 2014: Corey, USA

Best dive trip yet, by a long shot! On one of our dives at a site called El Toro we were looking to find pink pygmy seahorses. Following our trip to their seafan home, two mantas passed by us. From the smallest, most fragile creature to the largest most majestic. That dive made our trip most memorable. Thanks! The boat: Fantastic boat. A real pleasure and privilege to have been onboard. The diving: Variety of diving exceeded expectations, especially on one dive where we had mantas and pygmy seahorses. The crew: Remarkable crew. Debbie and Jerry made for a trip of a lifetime. Our divemaster Ungke was excellent, one of the best on any trip we've taken. The food: Chef, cooks and stewards were awesome. Great food!

7 July 2014: Audrey, USA

The boat: Beautiful boat! The diving: Loved the dive sites. The crew: Everyone was extremely kind and helpful. The food: Lots of food and all delicious.

7 July 2014: Olfeo, Italy

One of the most spectacular adventures with a very courteous and helpful crew. Crew were always cheerful and especially looking out for my needs as per my age/limitation. Thanks to all.

7 July 2014: Jeanette, USA

Another wonderful cruise - thanks so much!!! The boat: Loved the seeing the sails, so beautiful. Boat layout is well designed so we can enjoy visiting with each or find quiet areas when we want. The diving: I found the tenders easier to roll off of with the new design. The new tank holders allowed me to get a better balance while waiting for the final count. Thanks!! The crew: You have assembled a top notch crew. They are polite, friendly and will go out of their way to help you before you even ask. The food: Food is always tasty. I enjoyed the smells coming from the kitchen and taking peeks while they were preparing things.

7 July 2014: Terrie, USA

Still the #1 top notch operation as far as I'm concerned. Thank you all for your help with my mishaps. The food: Cooks are miracle workers! Thanks for providing so much variety!

7 July 2014: Lauren, USA

All in all this was a compelling and rich trip. The food: The chefs work too hard.

7 July 2014: Craig, USA

The diving: I have never seen so many spectacular animals in my life. Dive Masters incredibly qualified and capable - one of the top experiences in my entire life!!! The crew: Above and beyond excellent!!! A special shout out to Wawan, Wayans, Ronald, Ungke, Vintty and of course Debbie and Jerry. The BEST crew - wish I could have met more of the staff!

7 July 2014: Gregg, USA

Wonderful trip! Superlative service. Very friendly staff.

7 July 2014: Sandy, USA

I loved the accommodation offered for all ages and diving abilities. Our dive master Wawan was so patient with my diving "issues" and raised my confidence immeasurably. I was fearful before joining the Arenui, worried that I wasn't experienced enough for this 12 day trip. The Cruise Director heard my concerns and paired my family with a dive master who helped me in all areas of concern. By the third day my confidence (and skills) improved tremendously. By the last day I feel ready and excited to go on to Sipidan and Raja Ampat. Thank you Arenui! The boat: Beautifully designed - functional and well thought out. The diving: Great variety - I am totally satisfied we saw everything the Komodo Island cruise offered. The crew: Everyone is exceptionally well trained. They carry out tasks with no prompting, even anticipating needs. It made me feel special when everyone knew my name! The food: I loved the Indonesian food mixed with other cuisines. Healthy and well prepared.

28 May 2014: Jian, USA

I'd recommend Arenui to the divers in my home town. Enjoyed every moment on the boat and underwater. After being pampered like this, the bar of my expectation will be very high and not sure if I can find a vessel to compete with Arenui. Amazed by the attention to detail, service and the experience of speed boat staff, their efforts to help us enter and exit for each dive. Huge thank you to the senior speed boat driver. The cruise will leave indelible memory. In summary, it is an ultimate indulgence! The diving: Briefings cover all we should know. The crew: Well exceeded expectation. Service is unparalleled. All staff are very friendly and nice. I'm fortunate to dive with Debbie. She is an excellent DM, easily led a group of divers with various diving capability, with and without camera, to meet everyone's needs. Wawan is not my DM but he guided me a couple of times underwater, a fun guy to talk with. He is a rising star! The food: Obvious chefs are trained to prep foods for westerners.

28 May 2014: Maggie and Sean, China

Ronald is a very, very helpful divemaster!

18 May 2014: Aaron and Heather, USA

This was a truly life changing experience for us, we thank you for all of your hard work to make this such a special trip. We will miss you and hope to see you again. The boat: Beautiful soothing, warm and inviting room. Clean linen, soft pillows, comfortable mattress makes me remember why I love futons. Decor wonderful and we very much appreciate the creative recycling of old and still beautiful parts. The diving: Excellent variety of dive sites, accommodating to many skill levels and desires on dives. Dive master was extremely attentive, honest, clear, safe and fun. And his ability to spot tiny creatures was mind-blowing. The crew: Love the good nature and fun attitudes of all on board, always joking, smiling - laughing not just with one another but with the guests as well. Very sweet, kind and ridiculously generous and giving. The crew made the trip for me - all amazing people. The food: More food than I could even hope to eat - despite trying! Chefs did amazing work with the dinners especially and the landmark dive treats were incredible.

18 May 2014: Chris and Laura, UK

Crew: Once again, awesome crew. Made such great food we couldn't stop eating. Anto and Tony were fantastic. Budi did a great job of cabins and always getting our gear ready. Tender drivers were great fun and Ungke was an excellent guide. Debbie and Jerry fabulous as ever. Anto and Ungke did a great job of the last night.

18 May 2014: Cory and Shawna, USA

This was my (Shawna's) first liveaboard and I fear I am now spoiled. The trip was great, with lots of time to relax. Full service diving equal fabulous. Boat: Dive management and service made repetitive diving in close quarters painless. Love hot towel and chocolate after night dives. Cabin and common spaces exceeded expectations - always a place to get away. Sun protection was excellent. Small touches were appreciated (eg, bed turned down; hot, cold towels). Crew: I'm counting the dining staff in chefs - Tony and Anto are exceptional. They easily accommodated odd requests and remembered our daily pattern and preferences. Debbie and Jerry were personable people and knowledgeable. Both did our training and it was great. Food: All was delicious and fresh, even at two weeks.

18 May 2014: Chris and Pat, UK

This boat spoils dive liveaboards anywhere else!! It was our third trip on Arenui and, as before, everything was excellent. The crew are all so helpful and friendly. Food, as always, really delicious. Debbie and Jerry are unrivalled as cruise directors. They work so hard and are always fun and smiling. Brilliant dive guides too. Boat: Beautiful cabins; super sun deck; great being able to dine up top. Comfortable everywhere on the boat. Special touches, such as chocolates on the bed during turn down; hot chocolate and hot flannel after night dives; cold flannel and very welcome cold drink after shore excursions, help to make the Arenui what it is. Diving: This was our 3rd trip with Arenui (Raja Ampat, Ambon and Komodo) and each area brings its own special and beautiful dive sites. This trip was made even more exciting because of the many mantas we saw on the first two dives at Takat Makassar. If only we had gills so we could have stayed there all day !! Debbie was our guide for all but three dives out of our 26, and we never cease to be amazed at her ability to spot tiny critters from far away - even in poor visibility. She also spots large fish before us. It was great to be a part of the naming of one of the dive sites - Frog and Catfish!! Wawan was our guide once and Ungke twice. Both of them took great care of us and were very patient (especially always-smiling Wawan!) and great at spotting critters. Crew: I cannot imagine a better crew anywhere. Putu and Ketut are brilliant - I can't fathom how on earth they manage to create such varied dishes, with such fresh food even at the end of a 13-night trip. As for the special award carvings Putu made out of fruit and vegetables for various divers' milestone dives, they were fabulous. Anyone would think he'd been doing them all his life! Anto and Tony are special too - always so smiling and helpful. We weren't allowed to make our own cups of tea in the morning because one of them would take over. Budi did a wonderful job with the cabins, both morning and night. He was always there to help with dive gear before and after the dives. Tender drivers were full of fun and extremely helpful. Captain always had a smile and a few words when we passed him. Engineers kept the boat running smoothly without a hitch. Food: The main thing is it's very easy to eat far too much, just because it's there and is so delicious. I can't really elaborate much more on what I said in the Crew section.
STORY: This trip was made even more interesting by the presence of Andrea Marshall and her husband. We saw loads of mantas, thanks apparently to Andrea's firm belief that painting nail varnish on one toe on everyone's feet, including crew would result in a mantastic dive - she was proved right again!! Her presentations on MMF and mantas were extremely interesting. Jannerman's photographic skills are amazing and he helped many of the guests.

16 Apr 2014: Reiko, Japan

It was my second time on Arenui and again fantastic trip. All crew are very smiley and helpful. Love to come onboard again in near future! I love Ganesh room, it's second time for me and I love to stay in this cabin again in the future. The diving; love variety of dive sites from Sorong to Ambon completely different dive style. The crew; excellent everybody! Smiley and very helpful.

16 Apr 2014: Deborah, USA

Very well run operation. Very comfortable and well stocked boat.

16 Apr 2014: Bea, Switzerland

The crew; very, very, very good. Thanks. The food; it was very good.

16 Apr 2014: Marnie, USA

Decor is wonderful. The crew; Nic is amazing! The staff are all so lovely and gracious.

16 Apr 2014: Andy, USA

The diving; awesome! The crew; Nic was great. Very helpful and great personality. Staff and crew nicest ever! The food; chef amazing. Made gluten free stuff for me. Thanks!

16 Apr 2014: Micky, USA

All dive staff were great to be with. Edu very helpful with photos and computer.

16 Apr 2014: Charles, UK

Big thank you to all the crew especially Nic, Wawan, Wayan, Budi, Toni and Anto. Everyone was great but these were especially friendly and helpful to me. The crew; everyone was consistently positive, friendly and helpful. Lovely crew. Lots of fun and good at their jobs.

16 Apr 2014: Bea, Switzerland

The crew; everybody was extremely helpful, friendly, kind and took care of us.

31 Mar 2014: Susan, USA

I am so impressed with Edu!! He helped us with every part of our vacation - diving, camera issues, ear problems, technical help, fixing wetsuits, watches etc. He watched us closely and made sure we saw everything. What a fine person. Arenui should hold on to him. He is a valuable member of your team!!! The environment on the boat was cordial and pleasant. I think this is because the crew genuinely likes each other. Every member is respected. It is a well-functioning team with each team member performing their job expertly. Arenui has defined luxury diving for me! I will be back. Boat; amazing boat for diving. Boat layout is great. Ladder to skiff is very safe. The diving; Edu was a very skilled and careful divemaster. I always felt safe but challenged. The crew; service on the Arenui is excellent. After reading the website my expectation was very high and yet it still exceeded my expectation. I needed some extra help with my dive entry and had help with every dive. Thank you!! Food and beverage; having fruit at every meal and snacks was terrific. Always had non-meat meal for me. Breakfast - great!

31 Mar 2014: Patricia, USA


31 Mar 2014: Jeanne, USA

All staff, at all times was willing to help with any issues / needs. Dive guide went above and beyond locating critters and taking care of us. Highly recommended. Great time! Thank you! Boat; things are well organized. The crew; don't change a thing!

31 Mar 2014: Chris, USA

Arenui lives up to its reputation as a luxury boutique live aboard. Edu and Nic treat the crew with respect and they perform accordingly. It results in all crew driving very hard to anticipate their every need and delivering. Great boat, great leadership, great communicative front office (Siska) plus a beautiful place to dive. The boat; exceeded my expectations, comfortable and highly organized. Very well managed. Cabin was gorgeous. Dive prep was outstanding. The diving; south was fantastic, gorgeous coral, water and reef fish. Highly organized and systematic diving. The crew; the team effort to overwhelm us was evident and consistent. Most effortless dive trip ever. Loved how crew anticipated every need from diving to eating, to relaxing, best service orientation I have ever experienced - doubt I will find a boat that can top it. Edu and Nic bent over backwards for us all. Food and beverage; variety was enormous. Quantity enormous.

31 Mar 2014: Anon

Thanks everybody. The crew; service was really great.

31 Mar 2014: Jenifer, USA

The boat design/decor, attention to even minor details are noted and appreciated. From Ship Shop selection to the travel pouch gift at the end, it's clear this boat is a labor of love and passion. The 'green' aspect is noted too, minimal plastic water bottles, great bathroom products and dispensers. Everything just lived up to the highest expectation from the website. Laura and Siska were great. And again Nic and Edu were funny, helpful, warm, welcoming, could and did help with anything! So glad my first liveaboard was the Arenui. Diving; big variety from South to North! The crew; I feel so spoiled on this boat. The crew took care of everything with a smile, seemed to anticipate everyone's preferences, gear, etc. Can't believe they knew all of our names within 24 hours (or sooner!) of our arrival. I was worried that the new cruise directors wouldn't be as good as Debbie and Jerry (from reviews) but Edu and Nic were amazing. Food and beverage; great variety. All very good and so plentiful, so much for losing weight! And well timed too. They knew when to serve me breakfast after the am dive.

31 Mar 2014: Anon

The crew; everyone helpful and nice. Room boys rock! My room, bed and especially bathroom always felt looked after. I really like the turn down with choc! Nice touch.

31 Mar 2014: Michelle, USA

Already booked for Komodo, July 2016. Will definitely book additional trips - anywhere! - in the future. Looking forward to more adventures with the Arenui. Will miss Anto, Ungke, Tony, Budi, Wayan, Jun - everyone! And of course will never forget "briefing, briefing!!!" The diving; the excellent ratings say it all - couldn't ask for better. Crew; have never experienced such warmth and kindness on a liveaboard. Felt like coming home as soon as my husband and I boarded the Arenui - magic Food and beverage; far and away exceeded expectations

31 Mar 2014: Bob, USA

"We shall return" to paraphrase MacArthur. Lovely boat, spacious, comfortable and classic style. The diving; extraordinary, loved the mantas and the nudis. We wish we could have had a few more days! The crew; absolutely first class on all levels. Edu and Nic are a great team - personable, knowledgeable and infinitely patient. Our dive master was top notch and always on top of the situation. The food; very enjoyable and tasty.

31 Mar 2014: Anna and Charley, China

Master cabin Rama would be the only choice for us! Excellent! Diving; south Raja Ampat is great, good visibility, warm water, colorful corals and good action. DM; Wawan is the best! Professional good knowledge about the dive sites and animals. Sweet guy! Food and Beverage; the best is the Arenui meat plate wonderful!

31 Mar 2014: Franco and Rosella, Italy

Lovely boat, well maintained.

2 Mar 2014: Sue, USA

I would go anywhere with you people! You need to come up with a higher rating system. "Excellent" doesn't begin to describe how wonderful everything was! Thank you for the gift bag and goodies. Again, attention to detail impeccable. Well done! Everyday was a new adventure filled with wonders of the sea, the warm hospitality of the crew and hanging out with old and new friends. The boat: Love how the culture is brought out throughout the entire boat, ie room names, carvings, batiks. The attention to detail is impeccable and absolutely beautiful. Environmental awareness is top notch. Boat design and layout superb! The diving: WOW! The crew: Entire crew is amazing!!!! Knowledgeable, helpful, happy, courteous, super cute, funny, witty, nice, thoughtful, eager to please, warm and gracious and kind. They all worked together as one solid team. A complete joy to be around all of them. Wawan (homosapien) is a brainiac! The food: Magnificent! My tummy was extremely happy and satisfied! Loved the choices! ... STORY: Here are a few memorable moments: A) Day 1, Dive 1 = 40 plus mobula rays and bait ball of anchovies. WOW! B) Making animal noises (monkey, elephant, chicken) for the crew when we returned to the boat after a dive to let them know we were back. Never got old! C) Enjoying the beauty of the islands and all the stars, planets and Milky Way in the night sky. D) Playing hangman with Wawan during safety stops or waiting for the mantas to show up! ... Hats off to the entire Arenui team. Well Done!

2 Mar 2014: Ashley, USA

The boat is very beautiful. Love all the carved wood. Service was great. Had a wonderful time. Hope to dive with the Arenui again. Thank you.

2 Mar 2014: Anonymous, USA

My first trip to Indonesia. The entire crew is so hospitable and caring, always smiling. Cruise Directors are the best I have experienced. I will highly recommend Arenui to others. Best dive briefings I have ever experienced. 5 star experience! Great job Wawan the dive master. Very friendly and interested in the guests. The boat: Great boat - lots of thought to the layout. The diving: Good variety of sites. For me the Misool area was the most beautiful. The crew: Stewards - FANTASTIC. The Cruise directors are amazing, very caring and accommodating. The stewards anticipated my every need. Two of the tender drivers were fantastic, understood my gear and how to help me to climb into the tender. The food: Amazing food!! Plentiful, beautifully prepared and presented, healthy. Outstanding!

2 Mar 2014: Richard, USA

Every member of the Arenui crew and staff are outstanding, pleasant, friendly, helpful and a pleasure to be around. My experience on the Arenui was wonderful. The diving was amazing. Wawan is an exceptional dive master and will make a great instructor.

2 Mar 2014: Nancy, USA

Great job on gluten free diet :-)

2 Mar 2014: Robyn, USA

The diving: Insane! Excellent! Beautiful! Astounding! The crew: Edu and Nic are the absolute bomb! Love love love their attitude, patience, helpfulness, skills, etc. Can't say enough. I wish I could pack Anto and Tony and the kitchen crew up to take them home. They were SO on top of every request that they seemed to know ahead and were at the ready at all times. The food: Thank you so much for accommodating for my lactose intolerance. The food was absolutely delicious, beyond all expectations!

2 Mar 2014: Josh, USA

Great trip! We hope to be back.

2 Mar 2014: Anonymous, USA

The diving: Liked when we were shown pictures of some of the sea life at the briefings. The crew: Everyone was so helpful and attentive to everyone's needs. I have never been on a boat with such a friendly staff. 2 thumbs up to the chefs and stewards. The food: Loved the hot cloth and chocolate after night dives.

2 Mar 2014: Holly, USA

We felt so happy to have Wawan as our DM. Talented, charming, encouraging and totally sweet. He took a lot of time to help me be a better diver. I had some dive issues, was discouraged and Nicole went out of her way to support me with her presence and to take me on a solo dive. She saved my vacation! The boat: I was thrilled to find that our cabin actually lived up to the website pictures. (Shinta). The crew did a great job keeping the room clean, beds made, chocolate on the pillows! And they were very kind. The diving: I am a brand new diver and have no frame of reference. But it was all good and I always felt safe. The crew: Every possible opportunity was taken by all members of the crew to inform, to help, to convey caring. Our stewards Anto and Tony were so wonderful and charming. Tony is a well-trained young man full of fun. Anto is expert at his job, very warm and dignified.

2 Mar 2014: Sean, USA

Excellent operation, I will recommend.

2 Mar 2014: Doug, USA

Everything was top notch and we could not have a better time! Perfect! The diving: Very nice ladders on the tenders. I have travelled on many liveaboards around the world and Arenui is tops on my list. ... STORY: I don't think any tale of our cruise would be complete without talking about the curious 8 foot saltwater crocodile. Near the end of our dive we heard the recall signal from the tenders hovering above us on the surface. Upon surfacing we were warned of a croc in the area and quickly brought into the tender. Thanks to the boat crew that watched for things like this and responded perfectly. It made for a great dive trip story and we had fun spotting and following the croc after we were all safely onboard.

2 Mar 2014: Anonymous, USA

The crew: Nic and Edu ran a great trip. I had the opportunity to dive with two of the guides they were both great. Everybody was attentive and were great to be around.

17 Feb 2014: Kirk, USA

Phenomenal trip ... Definitely trip that sets the standard for all dive trips. Diving was incredible nice variety and divemasters did a great job on showing marine live. Tony beyond excellent as steward on duty. Our very last dive of the trip my dive buddy and I had over thirty minutes of air left and were the last to surface of the dive group. After the rest of the group had ascended we spent about 8 minutes with a very curious and friendly giant manta. The video and pictures of the gentle giant will always remind us of a great - no phenomenal - ending to a first class dive trip. Thanks to the entire crew of the Arenui.

17 Feb 2014: John, Hong Kong

I have been diving for years on a variety of liveaboards. This, the Arenui, is simply the best liveaboard experience.

17 Feb 2014: Bryn, USA

I loved on the last day during the photo competition how Edu went into description of each picture. It was wonderful and he is so knowledgeable. Edu and Nic are wonderful! Very professional yet made me feel very much like a family at the same time. Edu is HILARIOUS! I greatly enjoy his briefings with funny detailed descriptions of creatures and corals. I would follow this team anywhere! Tony was amazing. He always had a smile on his face and could make you laugh. Everyone was wonderful! One of the best safety stops in my life was swimming in a baitball being chased by mobulas, it was amazing. This experience is my second favorite of this trip to reef-hooking within arm's reach of an oceanic manta ray. That was a magical experience. One I'll remember for a lifetime. Best dive trip ever! Thank you all so much.

17 Feb 2014: Greg, USA

Crew was outstanding in every way! Superb attitude by all; very cheerful at all times. Thank you so much for the best dive trip of my life!

17 Feb 2014: Frank, USA

In a group of 3 guests, 1 dive master very nice. End up with no crowding around something interesting.

17 Feb 2014: Craig, USA

I have been fortunate to have visited many upscale sports destinations - diving, fishing, skiing etc. This trip was without doubt my best travel experience. The diving and photo opportunities unmatched, and the service and crew amazing! The crew from cruise directors to the seldom seen aft deck guys were great at their work and genuinely enjoyed interaction with the guests. I honestly would have nothing to suggest for changes additions or corrections to your program. The crew even made the weather cooperate. Thanks to all. Ronald was great!! He sized us up and let us do our own thing while looking for creatures, excellent dive master. Crew all outstandiung. Cruise director team were terrific!! Very attentive and friendly. Could not have made us feel more at home. Food outstanding. Best service than most 5* restaurants in USA.

17 Feb 2014: Hadrien, France

A truly wonderful experience, which is possible thanks to an impeccable team lead by super professional and super friendly directors and to a wonderful boat.

17 Feb 2014: Lin, Vietnam

Very professional and attentive crew.

17 Feb 2014: Daniel, USA

Keep up the good work.

17 Feb 2014: John, USA

Rarely does a trip live up to expectations set by the website destination. The Arenui website is a little hard to believe because it makes claims about the diving service and accommodation that seem impossible to achieve. Yet everything presented on the website is in fact true. I can't imagine another dive boat that can match the Arenui. Everything done for the guests is done with a smile. The route the dives and service onboard are tailored to accommodate guests. It's hard to get a combination of structure and flexibly that appears seamless, but it was certainly evident on this cruise. Wetsuits perfect fit. Crew; every single one of the crew that one interacted with was very helpful and courteous. Anything resembling work for a guest was immediately taken on by a crew member. Extremely well organized and trained. Food; variety offered meant that we never had to have the same meal twice. Everything produced by the kitchen was to high standard.

17 Feb 2014: Garion, Australia

Crew were extremely service focused; special mention for Tony, Edu and Nic.

17 Feb 2014: Christina, Australia

All staff were fantastic accommodating all requests. Great divemaster Edu who made every dive fantastic and help improve diving skills.

17 Feb 2014: Kristi, USA

Once onboard we were at ease, pampered and had a great experience and diving. Budi helped take my booties on and off and pulled my wetsuit unbelievable! When I was assisted putting on my fins I began to understand how royalty must feel! Nic was a great divemaster for me. Despite my many years of diving there were difficulties with buoyancy, decent and my BCD. She was extremely patient with teaching me some new skills no other divemaster had bothered with. I feel I am a much more competent and comfortable diver, thanks to the time and attention she gave me. Thank you!. Easy in and out, thanks to metticilous care of crew on tenders helped with everything! :-) Everyone was friendly, helpful, accommodating - and learned quickly what you liked, wanted, needed and provided it beyond expectations; mind readers! All deserve huge kudo but I especially enjoyed Tony; always happy, funny, helpful and fun to be around. Had some good laughs and excellent service, I want to adopt him, lol. Chef accommodated several special requests; onion rings for snack. Everything was great. Didn't have to worry about a thing - love that the guys rinse and hang wetsuits after each dive and hot coco after night dive. It's our second time on the boat and we loved both trips.

3 Feb 2014: Carla, USA

The best liveaboard boat I have been on - ever!!! (30+) Every detail has been taken care of - you have given others a standard to aspire to! This trip goes to the top of my list and I've been diving 30 years! I would love to return some day when I can find an open spot!! Keep up the excellent work you're doing! The boat; very clean and organized!! The diving; really enjoyed having 4-5 divers per dive master/tender - entries, etc much more comfortable. The crew; all crew friendly and helpful. Service was a 10+!!

3 Feb 2014: Martha, USA

Everything was great. Didn't have to worry about a thing - love that the guys rinse and hang wetsuits after each dive and hot coco after night dive. It's our second time on the boat and we loved both trips.

3 Feb 2014: Francis, China

My new semi dry wetsuit was just going to ruin my first day when Edu came to the rescue (the conditioner idea is fabulous). Good showcase of outstanding service standard at Arenui! The boat; really appreciate the environment friendly attitude!!!The diving; clear and outstanding pre-dive briefings! Lots of fun! The crew; kind and helpful all the time, best crew I've ever met!

3 Feb 2014: Stephanie, USA

This was a spectacular experience from the fabulous diving, to the beautiful and comfortable boat, to the incredibly friendly and helpful crew and cruise directors. Everything was wonderful - no downside whatsoever. Thanks so much for a great, great trip!! I will be back. J I love little critters and macro photography and our dive guide was wonderful at finding subjects and being patient during photos. But I think the highlight of the trip came on our last day, when we dove with giant mantas. Our guide scouted the reef in healthy current, finding just the right spot to observe these magnificent creatures. This attention to details and customer service is found across the spectrum of activities on the Arenui - simply spectacular. The boat; dive prep area was super - plenty of room for all. Everything is very well designed, efficient and spacious. Extremely comfortable boat - can't believe two weeks went so fast without feeling need for space. Attention to safety and cleanliness was superb. The diving; fantastic! Really enjoyed the diversity in diving. Guides were wonderful and so were boat crew members. Dive briefings were awesome! Accurate and engaging - great work all around. The crew; absolutely the best, most attentive crew I've experienced. Our Cruise Directors were wonderful - friendly, accommodating and helpful with all sorts of things, plus just great fun to be around. They made the trip extra special. The same is true for dive guides, steward (Tony is awesome!) and everyone else - just great!!! The food; amazingly fresh and good food - particularly given our remote location. Crew was super helpful with dietary requests. Chefs are very talented - kudos!

3 Feb 2014: Anon

After the first day I felt like I was on a trip with friends. The crew knew you by name and their attention to your personal needs was fantastic. I thought I'd see a few things for the first time but never imagined to see all and species of pygmy seahorse on multiple occasions. Truly an amazing experience. Thank you. The diving; amazing diving. The crew; amazing.

3 Feb 2014: Kittye, USA

Exceeded all expectations. Crew were wonderful. Rooms were excellent, I don't know how it could possibly be better. Our luggage was lost by the airline. But the Arenui crew went out of their way to provide us everything we needed to start diving and enjoying our trip. We didn't miss anything and their office tracked down our bags in the meantime and got them to us a few days later. I can't say enough about their wonderful care and service by each and every member.

3 Feb 2014: Connis, USA

This was our first liveaboard and we could not have picked a better one. The Arenui and its crew are Class A and sure know how to take care of their guest and the ship. I plan on using Arenui again someday. The boat; I was very pleased with the dive equipment because our luggage was late so we used the rental equipment and it was very good.

3 Feb 2014: Anon

Great boat. Great crew. Great diving. Great trip. We will be back! J I saw my first blue ringed octopus on the Arenui. It was mesmerising as it traversed the reef hunting! Briefiings and guides are all excellent. The crew; all excellent. The food; again excellent.

3 Feb 2014: Debra, USA

This was a wonderful experience. I will recommend this boat to all divers I know. I hope to join you again soon. (When I left Houston I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. I didn't want to leave home which is unusual for me. Over 40 hours of travel later, I met the boat in Sorong. After orientation to the Arenui and reminding talks about safety, I questioned my sanity again. The first day of diving began to clear my head. And now I am sad to leave. It's been a wonderful experience. I am so lucky to be able to have this adventure and plan to return. Terima kasih). The boat; the boat is the best. The bar is now set high, so I'll be back! The crew; the crew is fabulous. I have never seen such attention to detail. They are number 1. The food; warn your clients that ½ orders are quite filling. The chefs were superb and the kitchen pristine.

3 Feb 2014: David, USA

Thank you for another wonderful trip. The boat; this is the nicest boat we have been on. The crew; all the crew were knowledgeable and pleasant at all times. The food; this is the only boat I do not lose weight on. Food is excellent and plentiful.

3 Feb 2014: Rob, USA

A long dive trip to a distant part of the world. The graciousness and attention to detail by the Arenui crew made it a non-stop pleasure. Thank you so much. Loved eating upstairs under the stars. The boat is wonderful. Nic and Edu made the experience magnificent!

3 Feb 2014: Kimnora, USA

This was a trip of a lifetime! Nic is knowledgeable about undersea life and worked very hard for us. Massages were wonderful. Napkin folding by Tony added a beautiful touch! We had the good fortune of sharing the holiday with other wonderful guests.

3 Feb 2014: Susan, USA

The diving was superb, the crew fantastic, the boat is so comfortable. I loved seeing Tony's smiling face very morning and having my coffee fixed the way I like it. The dive masters were fun, knowledgeable, great guide to current diving.

19 Jan 2014: Russell, USA

From the moment we landed in Sorong I knew we were in for something special! We were greeted at the airport and transported with a fleet of cabs. Introduction on the boat and we were off. Nic and Edu were fantastic hosts who saw to our every need. The whole operation is first class, everything has been thought of and the entire crew has been impeccably trained! We came to Raja Ampat for the diving, but it was the crew that really made the trip! We will certainly be back soon! The food; despite remote location, prices for beer and wine were very reasonable.

19 Jan 2014: Anon, USA

The crew; staff was absolutely fantastic! Very accommodating, friendly and supportive. The food; wonderful food!

19 Jan 2014: Ronald, USA

Entire crew was wonderful. With lots of changes due to late arrivals and medical issues everyone kept their cool and made us all feel informed and well served. Thanks to all!

19 Jan 2014: Cathy, USA

The crew; the Indonesian crew was absolutely fabulous!

19 Jan 2014: Linda, USA

So many thanks for a fabulous trip..

6 Jan 2014: Maya & Freddy, Switzerland

The service onboard is excellent and the boat is very comfortable.

6 Jan 2014: Gudrun & Georg, Germany

A big thank you to all the crew for a great time!