25 Apr 2016: Francine, France

This is the most fantastic experience I ever had in my divers life. This boat is a dream and the team is absolutely exceptional, all of them! I can't imagine going on another liveaboard ever... Just have to wait until I can be back!! In the meantime I will have nice dreams.

25 Apr 2016: Janet and Fred , USA

Boat, diving, crew and food all excellent. Lisa and G took great efforts to make this a special trip. Joni and the tender crew did a super job. All staff were very attentive, solicitous and always smiling. Anto and Kadek are both eager to please, very good job.

25 Apr 2016: Holland and Eric Geibel, USA

Diving, crew and food all excellent. We enjoyed diving with Lisa and G!

25 Apr 2016: Ann, USA

Fantastic! See you in September. Very professional crew. I was able to relax and enjoy the trip!!! Diving: Some of the best in the world if not THE best. Crew: Very professional, always smiling, having fun, very knowledgable and working as a TEAM! Food: Fantastic - you met EVERYONE'S special requests.

25 Apr 2016: Barbara, Switzerland

Einzigartige Taucherlebnisse an wunderschönen und sorgfältig ausgewählten Tauchplätzen. Ein sehr gut eingespieltes Crewteam, welches uns Gästen alle Wünsche erfüllte und gesammthaft eine kompetente und reibungslos verlaufende Organisation vollbrachte. Es war für uns eine tolle Erfahrung auf der Arenui.

25 Apr 2016: Nancy and Andy, USA

Lisa and G are the best!! Don't ever let them "retire". We just love the Arenui! Best staff (everyone). Wonderful food and the SERVICE is incomparable. We would mention everybody by name, but we would need more room!

25 Apr 2016: Stephanie, USA

Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful trip! Boat: Fantastic boat - beautiful, efficient and comfortable. Ganesh cabin is great for 2 friends, plenty of space for each. Common areas are comfortable and large. Diving: STELLAR! Dive masters and Cruise Directors worked hard to find best sites, conditions, etc. Amazing critters! Crew: Your crew is the absolute best!! Everyone always helpful, friendly and fun. The crew makes a wonderful trip even better. Food: Excellent, the selections - particularly vegetarian - are incredible. Don't know how you do this without getting supplies during the trip. Most impressive!

25 Apr 2016: Anne and Steve, USA

Dear Lisa and G, We had a GREAT TRIP! Thanks for your amazing hospitality. And Lisa for your wonderful assistance as our dive leader. We appreciate all what your kind and suggestive staff did to make our visit so relaxing and enjoyable. We will be back for a 3rd trip on the Arenui! Tremendous value for money! The best comment we can share is that we are excited about returning to the Arenui for our 3rd adventure. Many thanks!!! I had trouble with buoyancy and Lisa was always there to help me and teach me. After the first day of diving I was comfortable in the water and had great diving experiences. During the trip everyone appreciated how knowledgeable the dive leaders were, especially in finding critters and giving advice on underwater photography. Everyone was happy and very pleased with the experience. Boat: all excellent. Great, comfortable accommodations, plenty of room for all of the guests to comfortably share time together and separately. Diving: Excellent briefings. The detailed maps are wonderful. Crew: We came on our second Arenui trip in large part because of your AMAZING CREW!!! Everyone is so friendly, calling us by name (how welcoming!), anticipating our needs and kindly and cheerfully helping us. The Arenui EXCEEDS all standards for customer service! Thank you!!! Food: all excellent. Argetinian Malbec wine would be nice. The menu was wonderfully varied and always delicious. Presentation was beautiful and so friendly.

25 Apr 2016: Marco, Switzerland

All excellent. I believe that it is the team that makes it possible to have such an exciting and excellent experience. At the head of the team there are two exceptional Cruise Directors, G and Lisa. The positive energy and motivation that comes from both of them made the holiday unique.

9 Apr 2016: Margo, USA

The trip was fantastic! Siska and Debbie in the Bali office made pre-trip planning easy and flawless.The crew was superb! Made the trip a "once in a lifetime" trip for everyone.

9 Apr 2016: Carol, USA

The first night briefing was very helpful - it was nice to take the time first and get a handle on the routine. Liveaboards do not usually take this time - especially talking to dive guide before diving - great idea. Diving: All sites were beautiful and I enjoyed being picked up quickly. Crew: The tender crew were very helpful getting us ready. Ronald, our guide was excellent getting me to a safety stop - since I was always the first one up this was always a difficult challenge. Food: all excellent. Good wine list.

9 Apr 2016: Sharron, USA

As a snorkeler - the only one on board, I was a little worried that I would be bored on the trip. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lisa and G made sure I was included in all briefings and made great recommendations of which dive I should accompany each day. Hasan was assigned as my "snorkel guide" and he showed me a million beautiful creatures, including turtles, mantas, stingrays, nudis, sharks, huge parrotfish and the most incredible corals. This was truly the trip of a lifetime. Thank you! Although I am not a diver (I accompanied my diver husband) every accommodation was made to make sure I was included in all activities and that I had a great trip. Thank you! Boat: all excellent. The crew was very conscientious to make sure all was working well, our room was clean and our food well prepared. Snorkeling: FANTASTIC snorkeling each day. Hasan took great care of me and I saw almost as much as divers. Crew: ALL WERE TOP NOTCH - EXCELLENT! Friendly, helpful, kind, considerate. I could not have asked for more! Food: Excellent for all meals and snacks - good variety!

9 Apr 2016: John, USA

Great trip, exceptional service. Sincere thanks to the entire crew of KLM Arenui. Diving: all excellent. Great dive sites and reasonable luck with the weather! Wawan did a superb job as our divemaster. Knowledgeable, observant and well attentive to the skills and limitations of his dive group. Crew: all excellent. Kadek and Anto were consistently attentive, courteous and willing to go the extra mile! I enjoyed my massage! And the room was always clean.

9 Apr 2016: Robert, USA

Beautiful reefs. Excellent service with very friendly crew.

9 Apr 2016: Daniel, USA

Our guide Joni was excellent.

9 Apr 2016: Julia, USA

I would dive with you again in a heartbeat! I would even come back again to see the same sites! Crew: all excellent. EVERYONE always smiling and anticipates needs. Service beyond expectations. Amazing dives with Ronald and Joni. Personnel on the tenders were helpful. Food was delicious, especially under the stars. G and Lisa are very knowledgedgable and very helpful. Everyone seems happy to serve.

9 Apr 2016: Beth, USA

Thanks to all for a WOW trip - the boat, staff, food were great! No complaints - only compliments and thanks. The diving was spectacular, mesmorising with such sealife. Every dive was good, some with current, more challenging, but just the BEST. I am so fortunate to have been diving Raja Ampat on Arenui! Thank you. Boat: Really fabulous "facility". Best dive boat ever - no comparison to others! Everyone is very attentive, helpful, very clean, they are here to make the diver's/guest's stay the best! Congratulations! Diving: Can only use superlatives to describe diving - really spectacular! Crew: Again have to use superlative, the best, greatest, really top staff, very attentive, helpful, cheerful, great to spent weeks with - thanks to ALL for all this help! Thanks for printouts at the end of the trip and the great website. The Cruise Directors have great enthusiasm and LOVE for what they do! Made for a trip of a lifetime. Food: Food was wonderful - great menu - fabulous service. Chef did wonderful job and his creations to celebrate occasions - Wow!

26 Mar 2016: Mary, USA

Make time for a trip on the Arenui! There is no diving experience that can compare to them. I am in awe of the quality of the staff and the personal care given to everyone! Please treat yourself to a trip!! Thank you everyone! I know there are many crew we don't get to see and a special thank you to all of you. To those that take care of us - you are the best! Boat: All excellent, especially the cleanliness. Diving: All excellent. The boat crews worked so hard, they were so helpful and smiled while taking great care of us. Thank you all!!! Crew: It is impossible to communicate how amazing the staff is. G and Lisa do such a great job, their concern for our enjoyment and comfort is unsurpassed in the dive WORLD! Thank you so much! Food: Unbelievable quality!! The variety and subtle flavours were delicious.

26 Mar 2016: Sharon, USA

Return to the Arenui and its crew is like coming back home to Indonesia. The spirit and dedication of the crew are unsurpassed. Always glad to arrive and sad to leave. Thank you for an unforgettable trip! Diving: This special itinerary was excellent in diversity of sites and critters. Dive guides and crew worked so hard to get the most of each incredible dive and keep us safe. Crew: Love the positive energy and quality of service with the Arenui crew. G and Lisa are super responsive to any issues, big or small. Wayan and Wenton take great care of us and the dive deck and cabins. Food: Putu and the guys are superb chefs. Anto and Kadek are a pleasure to travel with. They personalized service, remembering our preferences is wonderful.

26 Mar 2016: Doug, USA

Thank you to the entire crew for a fantastic cruise. Super destinations and effort WAY beyond the expected. A big thanks to G for all the whaleshark negotiations. Boat: Clearly the best boat in Indonesia - probably the world. Certainly the best I have been on in 25 years. Diving: Spectacular sites! I love the remote, healthy sites. Thank you for the extra work. Crew: BEST CARE ANYWHERE! As always the crew met every need almost before we knew what we wanted! Food: Spectacular. I will be depressed to get home and have to manage for myself.

26 Mar 2016: Richard, USA

This is our third time on board, and second time in a year. The crew all were extra friendly and familiar - it was like we'd never left. Just a great trip, all around. Seemed like every unreasonable thing we asked for, they delivered it with a smile. I want to come back again! As always, all of you went above and beyond expectations. Delightful boat, crew, cabin, service and diving. Diving: All excellent. Tender crews are awesome! Super helpful and competent. Crew: All excellent. Feels like family. Very warm and friendly. Food: All excellent.

26 Mar 2016: Diana, Australia

Once again the Arenui crew has provided an exceptional dive trip. Their attention to detail is outstanding and they all seemed to put in extraordinary working hours to ensure we had as many wonderful dive experiences as could possibly be fitted in to the time. Boat: All excellent. Diving: All excellent. The Cruise Directors went to great lengths to give us the very best experiences available in each area. Thank you! Crew: All excellent. The stewards did an outstanding job of catering to our every need at all hours of the day and night. Food: All excellent.

26 Mar 2016: Sue, USA

Boat: All excellent. Everything is very organized. The routine is never boring, instead it helps not having to "worry" about anything. Diving: All aspects of the diving was beyond compare. The heroes are the tender drivers, who obviously are so talented, patient, observant and concerned about safety. Divemasters were great at putting us in protected areas. That is important to me. Crew: All crew were amazing in their respective roles. I know there were crew members we probably only saw a few times but they were integral in the overall operation of daily activities - day and night. Food: Service, variety and quantity were all perfect. Thanks to galley and restaurant crew alike!

26 Mar 2016: Mary, New Zealand

Boat: All excellent. Beautiful boat kept in pristine order by hard working Cruise Directors and crew. Diving: All excellent. Always kept up to date which dive site we were going to, good briefings with easy to understand diagrams. Every effort to make sure easy to get in and out of the tender. All excellent dive sites and great variety. Very fortunate to go to Triton Bay. Crew: All excellent. Both Lisa and G made every effort to make sure each guest was looked after and willingly attended to every request. Both full of enthusiasm and kindness. All the Divemasters try very hard to please each guest and always willing and informative. Because of the distance covered every member of the crew worked extremely hard and always smiling and friendly. The stewards both always attentive and good humored. Anto and Kadek are real assets as are all the crew. Food: All excellent. First class food all the time with plenty of choices, all good, so difficult to select. More than enough food through the whole day. Very hard working chef and his assistants.

26 Mar 2016: Jeannene, USA

Anywhere Arenui goes, I am sure to love. All dive sites are well-vetted for our groups interests and dive skill levels. The crew really understands their guests and strives to make the experience great. Crew: What an incredible experience! Any time I THOUGHT I wanted something, someone would offer it. "Full service" indeed.

26 Mar 2016: Jan, USA

Snorkeling with whale sharks was a fantastic experience, something I didn't know was possible. A huge thank you to the Cruise Directors and crew who stayed up much of the night and rose before dawn to made arrangements for this. I really really appreciated the long bottom times. I enjoy hanging out underwater so much, and having the ability to stay a long long time meant a lot to me. I appreciate the work of the boat drivers, crew and divemasters who make it all possible. Boat: All excellent. Anto was always one step ahead, bringing me tea before I even thought of it. Diving: All excellent. I really appreciated the loan of a first stage when my one failed. I liked diving in groups of 4. Food: Great food! Incredible job running a smooth operation under challenging conditions. G, Lisa, Wawan and all the crew worked so hard to make the whale shark snorkeling come to fruition.

26 Mar 2016: John, USA

G and Wawan spent half the night making sure the bagans had enough fish to feed the whale sharks. First time having an encounter with a whale shark. Very memorable, very cool. Visit to the village and the waterfalls were also memorable, fun times. Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm to make this three things a reality and fun. All the best! Boat: All excellent. Thanks for our safety to each and all. Diving: All excellent. Love Ronald's "Briefing, briefing". Dive sites were well chosen, memorable fish life, hard and soft corals - OUTSTANDING! Tender drivers were helpful and did an outstanding job! Crew: Lisa and G went above and beyond to take care of everything, super job! Best we've encountered. Thank you! Divemasters - I appreciate their attention to detail, super job! Captain - hero, bringing us safe through 800 miles, thank you! Chefs - great job. I am not sure if I gained weight. Big thanks to Wenton and Wayan assisting me in and off the wetsuit, spoiled me. Food: All excellent. HUGE thanks to professor Anto for being the professional he is. Always remembered everything. Thanks Kadek for being there for the wine, great job guys.

12 Mar 2016: Jim, USA

I really appreciated seeing the diversity of plant and fish life. It was a wonderful trip. I also appreciated to see the details on the cameras. Lastly, I enjoyed the day trips to break up the diving between other activities. I think Jerry and Debbie do an excellent job handling all of the diving and people issues.

12 Mar 2016: Anonymous

Wonderful boat, absolutely best diving and incredibly accommodating staff. Service was truly amazing! Anto and Kadek knew exactly what I wanted before I even had to ask! Not only was the diving and service outstanding, I really appreciated the photo tips and techniques the Cruise Directors shared with me to improve my photography. Would dive with this crew again and again! Hands-down the most detailed and beautiful boat I've been on. Top notch facilities!

12 Mar 2016: Owen, Canada

It was simply great diving with Jerry. I was impressed by the fact that you still used assigned divemasters when the diver count went down on the night dives. I've been wanting to come to Raja Ampat for over 10 years. Some of my dive buddies got tired of my talking about it. One day I was in a dive shop and a guy said I'm putting together a trip and it's out about 2 ½ years do you know anyone that want to go. I have two vacant spots. I jumped in my car, went home, got my cheque book and wrote at cheque for USD 1,500. There began the anticipation. Everyone was happy that I had finally pulled the trigger. I was not disappointed. Helping with the BCs great! Coffee in the morning exactly as I liked it.

12 Mar 2016: Jennifer, USA

Just wonderful. The night dives were a special treat. So many amazing things to see under the water ... then to emerge to brilliant stars with a clear view of the milky way! Bio-luminescence all around. And the piece de la resistance, a warm towels and hot cocoa handed to you as you arrive back to the boat. Heaven.

12 Mar 2016: Anonymous

A great quality boat!

28 Feb 2016: David, USA

Best dive trip ever! Boat: We had the Rama cabin. Love it! Everything about the Arenui is wonderful. Diving: I come for the diving and Arenui is serious about diving. A good match. Crew: The crew is the best thing about Arenui. Great to see the same people after two years. I hope you can keep these folks. Food: I loved every meal. Anto is magic. Hard to believe I gained weight on a dive trip...but I did!

28 Feb 2016: Pete and Ann, USA

The staff and boat are wonderful. Enjoyed it our second time as much as the first. Thanks to all.

28 Feb 2016: Don, USA

This is the fourth liveaboard I have been on and by far it was the best. So far my experience is that all the liveaboards I have been on have been really good. The Arenui, however, sets the new benchmark. If this is ever your first experience on a liveaboard the others will be a step down. Great boat. Diving: Best diving I have done to date, absolutely spectacular. Crew: All good, polite and professional. A shout out to Jose. The man has the patience of a saint. Thanks for keeping my dive buddy safe for the entire trip. Food: Excellent food but way too much of it. But that's a good thing.

28 Feb 2016: Julie and Phil, USA

Thank you! The "Happy Diver" creation was breathtaking! Beautifully carved and assembled. An absolute work of art!! I feel extremely honored and will always remember your kindness! Boat: Boat was a joy, unique and well laid out, functional with great character, wonderful sense of peace and part of local history, beautifully constructed and appointed. Diving: Fantastic variety, sites and inhabitants, beautiful and crammed with life. Crew: So friendly, knowledgeable, quick anticipatory, so helpful and smile "full"!! Pleasure to be in their care. Food: EXCELLENT preparation and presentation and variety. Delicious and appetizing. Met my lactose intolerance challenge with a huge variety!

28 Feb 2016: Lori, USA

I was a beginner diver at the start of the trip and by the end I was comfortable every dive. I felt comfortable on each dive and felt it was personalized. Boat: The boat is beautiful, well laid out. Diving: Well organized. Crew: Jerry is hilarious. Debbie is organized. All staff are helpful. Food: Beyond expectations. Goes all the way to make us feel special.

28 Feb 2016: Ed, USA

The cruise masters and crew were exceptional. Having been on many liveaboards, this ranks the tops. Service, food, diving and comfort could not be beat. Thank you. I have pending shoulder surgery and would've had trouble putting on my wetsuit and booties. Deck hands took me under their wing and helped me with everything for every dive. I am spoiled by this luxury treatment.

28 Feb 2016: Karen, USA

Everything was outstanding. Diving: Loved the diving! Crew: The Cruise Directors were exceptional!! Debbie was an excellent guide and greatly helped me with my scuba skills.

28 Feb 2016: Robert, USA

I hope the fellow divers appreciated the efforts of all the crew members with a generous tip. We certainly would go on another trip on Arenui. We booked our Raja Ampat trip through Ocean Enterprises because Werner Kurn (Owner) has been diving all over the world and he recommended the Arenui and Raja Ampat as the best of the best. This voyage exceeded our expectations as far as the diving experiences and especially the boat and its very professional crew. Wow sums it up! Boat: Cannot complain about anything. Great rooms. Very comfortable beds. Diving: We saw a lot more fishes than we expected to see. Crew: Everybody was exceptional. Debbie helped my wife with her buoyancy issues. Anto was real professional in his job. Food: The meals were by far the best we have had on a liveaboard.

28 Feb 2016: Amy, USA

Amazing to fly into the tiny town of Sorong, take a short drive and end up on the beautiful, classy Arenui. Day 1 I was impressed that most of the staff seemed to already know my name, my dive gear and my meal preferences. Then we go in the rooms and they tell you you have multiple pillows - hard and soft depending on your preference. First class experience from start to finish. Boat: Some of the most comfortable cabins I've ever stayed in, down to the soft and hard pillows! Diving: Best dive destination I've ever been to. Great choices of dive sites. Very easy with the tenders. Crew: Everything on this boat was so easy! Crew knew my name, my dive gear and my meal preferences on day 1. Food: Best meals were Mexican lunch and BBQ dinner.

28 Feb 2016: Kimberlee, USA

Staff is outstanding, really make guests feel special. Boat is beautifully constructed and maintained. Excellent trip. Thank you Boat: Very nice boat with first class accommodations. We've been on a lot of boats and never had a shower like this - fabulous! Crew: Anto is amazing. Very attentive and professional.

16 Feb 2016: Richard, England

A fantastic trip. Thank you to everyone for making it so.

16 Feb 2016: Vicki and John, USA

Seriously ... I have zero complaints. Everyone and everything is appreciated. The way the dive groups were put together was outstanding! We began this trip with such apprehension as we'd heard such great stories and thought the trip couldn't live up to our expectations. It did, plus some. The reef explodes with life and some of it is rare. If you think you've "done it all" you have not until you've done Raja Ampat on the Arenui.

16 Feb 2016: Marta, Slovakia

Guys, thank you very much for the lovely experience. You work together like a puzzle, that's why you see our happy faces. Will miss you.

16 Feb 2016: Marie, USA

A million thanks for an amazing 11 days :-) Boat: Most beautiful and soulful boat anywhere! Diving: Most fun, interesting and breathtaking ever! Crew: The best, most kind, attentive, helpful, caring, knowledgeable, sweet, great attitude, most professional team, best service, customer service, organised, ready, responsive, light hearted - AWESOME! Food: De-licious!! Yummy! More-ish! Compliments to the whole team and to Anto.

16 Feb 2016: John, USA

We had a wonderful time! Hope to see you all again soon!

16 Feb 2016: Mary, England

I loved this trip. I have never been on a trip where the crew were so attentive to my needs. Especially as I had injured my hip skiing the week before I came!! Very good getting me in and out of the tender safely. Diving: Very good briefings on the boat and the tender. Thank you Ronald. Crew: Thank you Debbie and Jerry for a wonderful trip. The crew could not have been more helpful. All very friendly and happy. Great massages. Thank you :-) Food: Excellent. Thank you chefs for all your hard work. Delicious food.

16 Feb 2016: Anonymous

Crew: Everyone is super friendly all the time!

16 Feb 2016: Robert, USA

Jerry was the ultimate divemaster (I would assume the other ones were good too from other's comments). All staff were friendly and made me feel at home. A truly first class experience in all ways. Great attention to detail. Also the other divers/guests were a joy to be with. Educated, sophisticated, mature and worldly. I appreciated Richard's lectures - an added benefit. Both Nanette and I appreciate 'Eco' tours where we learn and enjoy the experience.

16 Feb 2016: Nanette, USA

Jerry was a fantastic divemaster, professional, helpful and non-judgmental. I feel spoiled by the pampering I received. I appreciate that the tips are shared equally. This is the first 'group' experience I have had when I liked everyone (all passengers). Too often there is an obnoxious and/or difficult person or two onboard. We were all different, yet very good people. I like the range of ages and backgrounds. Having the professional marine biologist onboard broadened the experience. I liked all the talks, including Debbie's on manta rays. I truly appreciate your care for the environment. It was a joy to play games with crew and other passengers. Food: Anto was kind and helpful - I loved the napkin art.

16 Feb 2016: Anonymous

Diving: Jerry was very helpful and supportive coaching Dennis through his air use issues and encouraging me during the night dive.

16 Feb 2016: Caroline, Canada

We had the best of times, as usual! Crew: Everyone is still so friendly, caring and in a good mood all the time. Good job, I surely couldn't do it!!

16 Feb 2016: Barbara, USA

Crew: Execution is everything. No detail was overlooked and the crew made the trip fun and exciting. A special thanks to Ronald for his professional expertise and patience. Thank you for taking such good care of us! Food: I appreciate the vegetarian menu!

3 Feb 2016: Annette and Ken, Denmark

Excellent seminars on reef and fish. Please keep it up. Excellent fish preparation; "Michelin level".

3 Feb 2016: Cameron and Suzan, USA

A really great time! I can't say enough kind words about your team: Kadek, Anto, Joni, Ronald, G, Lisa and the rest were fantastic!! Boat: This is the best of all the luxury liveaboards that I have been on. G and Lisa run an impeccable operation!! Diving: Joni and his drivers were outstanding! Crew: G and Lisa really worked hard and did a perfect job: best liveaboard experience ever! Food: All excellent. Food was surprisingly good.

3 Feb 2016: Denise, USA

Crew: Outstanding! Enjoyed everyone so much - thanks to each of you for your wonderful care! Food: Outstanding!!

3 Feb 2016: Ronald, USA

We will plan another trip with the Arenui. Crew: Lisa and G are outstanding. Lisa is the best diveguide I've experienced in years. Greatly appreciate her knowledge and enthusiasm. G could not be more pleasant and helpful. They made the trip for me, with help from a very good boat.

3 Feb 2016: Darrell and Nancy, USA

Outstanding experience. We were very lucky to paired with another couple that was super great divers/photographers. We learned a lot! Boat: All excellent. Diving: All excellent. Super!! Crew: Best crew of ANY liveaboard we have been on (15 liveaboards). Joni was the perfect guide. We had a lot of FUN with him. Lisa and G were great cruise directors. The food was fantastic (too much!!). Stewards were fun and very professional. Captain kept us safe! Food: A+++

3 Feb 2016: Heidi, USA

Boat: All excellent. Crew: All excellent. Lisa is hands-down the best cruise director I've ever encountered - from the initial introduction to boat procedures to dealing with medical emergencies to swapping problematic divers and guides, she handled EVERYTHING perfectly and professionally. Food: All excellent. Really appreciate the way you accommodated this strict vegetarian - first liveaboard I've been on that I didn't experience running low on protein midway through the trip!

3 Feb 2016: Linda, USA

I have already signed up for the same trip again and also for Komodo (2 trips). G and Lisa are the perfect cruise directors, easy-going, fun, careful and very skilled. Together their defined the experience we had, showing enthusiastic leadership and attention to safety. I hope they are on the Arenui when I am next onboard. Boat: We were in Shinta - The wall hanging is beautiful. Diving: Sorong to Sorong via Misool and Gam Island is excellent. Tender drivers were very helpful. Crew: Everyone was very attentive. Lisa was an excellent cruise director and she also was my dive guide. With Lisa I was able to relax because I trusted her. She jumped overboard several times until she found what she considered an ideal entry point for starting each dive. I enjoyed her enthusiasm! Food: All excellent. The food servers were great.

21 Jan 2016: Name, USA

I would dive with you in all destinations in Indonesia. Great trip, weather, STAFF, diving, room, food and etc. My evaluation speaks for itself. Thanks! Boat: All excellent Diving: All excellent Crew: G and Lisa did a great job. I enjoyed Jose and his lectures. My dive guide Ronald is very experienced and tries hard to please his customers. The staff was very helpful. Food: All excellent

21 Jan 2016: Nellie, USA

Overall this was an outstanding trip - the quality of the diving and the staff was excellent. Boat: Beautiful boat! Diving: All excellent Crew: Joni is the most excellent dive guide - unbelievable! Lisa and G are wonderful, they ran a flawless trip, thank you! Food: All excellent. Kadek and Anto are the most fantastic, conscientious people. An absolute pleasure to be around.

21 Jan 2016: Anonymous, USA

Last dive trip after 22 years, we will recommend Arenui to our dive buddies. Diving: Amazing dive sites, fish life was healthy. Crew: Great organization and dive planning.

21 Jan 2016: Mandy, Hong Kong

Diving: Excellent choices and timing with no crash with other boats. Crew: Very clear briefings nightly by G, so we all knew the plan very well. Excellent divemasters who communicate even underwater to show everyone the most of each site. Anto is so detailed orientated and remembers everything, it's amazing! Wayan gives great massages! Jai and Hoiron super helpful with cameras, diving equipments, making diving hazzle-free. Food: Awesome to have soft drinks, juices, alcohol variety!

21 Jan 2016: Jim, USA

G and Lisa are very good. I appreciate their "owning" of the operation. Hope to dive with you in April 2016 in Alor.

21 Jan 2016: Anonymous, USA

Crew: Great massages from Wayan! Loved the stewards and tender help was great. Food: Enjoyed the soups and wahoo.

6 Jan 2016: Amy, USA

Terima Kasih! I was not expecting to love this trip as much as I did. The dives and the service made it unforgettable. We were so lucky to have Lisa as our dive guide, so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Happy that G certified us in Nitrox diving. Thanks! Boat: All of the management and systems are excellent, like the labeled towels, the organized dive boats, shelves for our gear. Made it so relaxing! Diving: Best diving ever - loved each dive! Crew: One of the top service experiences I have ever had in my extensive travels. Each staff person works very hard and is so genuinely kind - truly special. All notice and anticipate our needs like handing me my hat on the dive boat. Wayan and Wenton both are so funny and helpful with towels, wetsuit, toothpaste in masks, etc. Food: The food was delicious, and beautifully presented. Kadek and Anto were so kind - much appreciated.

6 Jan 2016: Anonymous

Crew was awesome! Loved our divemaster Lisa, and the stewards and room boys. Really great service all around! Always felt taken care of.

6 Jan 2016: Jennifer and Alex, USA

I would like to say thank you to the entire staff of The Arenui for making our trip such a wonderful experience again! You have proven that there is really no comparison when it comes to liveaboard diving in Indonesia or anywhere else in the world!! We have had a fantastic time diving with The Arenui. We truly enjoyed every part of our experience with your company from the assistance provided by the home office to the exceptional service and experience of the boat staff. Thank you all!! As a final note I would like to say that we absolutely enjoyed the new educational portion of the trip. The information Jose provided was wonderful and brought a greater appreciation for the beauty of these fantastic waters. This type of addition increases the value of this trip and will hopefully bring awareness to more people. Thank you Jose. Boat: The accommodations were perfect! The attention to detail created a soothing atmosphere to relax between dives. Diving: The diving was spectacular! The attention to detail by the divemasters, tender assistants and staff created such a comfortable safe experience, I was excited to dive every day! Crew: We LOVE the staff of The Arenui!!! Everyone is so welcoming and such a pleasure to be around. The staff and service they provide is the first reason we keep coming back to The Arenui. Food: As always the food was delicious and plentiful! You cannot go hungry on this boat!

6 Jan 2016: Ann and Greg, USA

Lots of fun - everyone was great and worked hard! Jose did amazing at the talks, they were a nice addition! Diving: Jose was an amazing dive guide and we loved his talks - perhaps have more and earlier in the trip. Crew: G and Lisa were delightful as Cruise Directors.

6 Jan 2016: Ed, USA

We are big Arenui fans and would like to join again. Boat: Cabins are beautifully decorated and comfortable. Diving: THANKS!! We always felt safe and Lisa was wonderful at pointing out interesting sights. She is genuinely enthusiastic. Deck boys and tender crew excellent too. Crew: The team leadership from G and Lisa was very genuine. Everyone is very guest focused = really impressive! Anto is spectacular. Jose was very helpful getting our rental gear all set up and we enjoyed his lectures. Food: The kitchen team did a great job handling my peanut/nut allergy.

6 Jan 2016: Anonymous, USA

This trip was the dream trip that I was hoping for. Thank you ALL!

6 Jan 2016: Marloes, Netherlands

The Arenui feels like home far away from home. I am amazed by how quickly almost all the staff knows your name and know exactly which equipment belongs to you and what your preferences are food and beverage wise. This was my second trip and I was so happy to recognize staff from the previous trip. I do not want to "cheat" by going on another liveaboard than The Arenui. It's all in the little detail. We got an amazing vegetable sculpture after passing our Advanced Course given by Wawan, our more than fantastic Divemaster. Thank you all. Boat: Enjoyed the shower gel, etc. very much. Crew: All the staff works so hard to please the guests as much as possible. You can see and feel they are proud to work for this company. Food: Enough fresh vegetable and choice every day in such a long trip! Well done.

6 Jan 2016: Stacy, USA

Amazing as always. All excellent. Thanks for not running out of Diet Coke.

6 Jan 2016: Ingrid, USA

This was my first liveaboard for a reason: I wasn't willing to go unless the conditions were VERY comfortable. The Arenui and crew surpassed my expectations. I will only do another liveaboard if the comfort level is the same caliber. Very good first experience, although now I am spoiled. Staff is very accommodating, willing to take any request. Overall great experience! Food: All excellent. Anto was fabulous!

6 Jan 2016: Robin, USA

Diving: The variety of dive sites was very nice! Crew: All excellent. I liked the scientific presentations.

6 Jan 2016: Chaz and Barbi, USA

We really enjoyed our second cruise on Arenui. The efforts the entire crew went to to ensure a safe, comfortable and extra special diving experience was terrific. Terima Kasih sekali to everyone including Siska, Debbie and Jerry in the office. G and Lisa are wonderful Cruise Directors as well as very fine dive guides. The entire crew provides a comfortable, safe, exceptionally fun dive cruise. They obviously work as a team. And we had an added treat from Jose's marine presentations. The relevant biology knowledge really enhanced our diving and just being in the special Raja Ampat area. He is a great teacher! Thank you Jose! Boat: We loved Rama. Diving: Loved Lisa's briefings, tender drivers so excellent. Raja Ampat still full of fish. Crew: G and Lisa's enthusiasm made the diving even better - really appreciated them. Anto and Kadek spoiled us. The efforts of all the crew were above and beyond. Special requests whether dining or diving honored gracefully. The Arenui is a beautiful boat but the crew sets it apart from the rest. Can't imagine better! Food: The vegetarian menu for dinner was an excellent option. Better for all of us and the planet. Hope it was not to hard on Chef Ketut. This is a special feature on the Arenui. The fish preparation was extra special.

6 Jan 2016: Marleen, Netherlands

Another trip of a lifetime on the most gorgeous liveaboard, with the most attentive crew, in a fabulously beautiful marine area - Raja Ampat on the Arenui! With Wawan leading our dive group of four we had the best diving experience ever! Boat: Great to be able to get fresh air/open window-door in Shinta, plus plenty of light. Diving: Beautiful dive area and Wawan is a great Divemaster and guide, he spots everything however tiny, is very attentive and safety conscious. Crew: the crew is very committed to guests having a good time. Food: Nice wines and great food.

6 Jan 2016: Sara, USA

Such a fabulous trip! So relaxing. We loved how easy diving was. Having the gear so organized. Having the early and late groups staggered to spread out dive timing. So clever and efficient! One of my favorite parts of the trip was diving with Lisa. She was a great divemaster, always pointing out fun tiny critters. Even though she has done so many dives, she was still so excited about everything. This made it so much more fun for us. We would always see her eyes get wide under water, like ours. And she would clap when she saw something super exciting. One day we saw a huge grouper and she squeezed my arm so hard :o) Boat: Loved having air conditioning in rooms and restaurant. Loved the shade upstairs. Crew: Everyone was so great and helpful! Anto and Kadek are so awesome and fun. Wayan and Wenton are great too - always greeting us enthusiastically. Our tender drivers Nasir and Bayu were so great too! And Lisa and G were so helpful and fun! Food: So delicious! Loved how many choices there were at every meal. Everything was so fresh.

22 Dec 2015: Cai, China

All excellent!

22 Dec 2015: Sunny, China

Thank you Arenui! Boat: Very comfortable and clean. I like the wood crafts. Diving: Many fun. Crew: Thanks to all the crew. Lisa is a very excellent dive guide. Food: Very good!

22 Dec 2015: Kay, Singapore

Boat: Love the sky lounge area to relax in between dives. Diving: Good variety of dive sites. Love Shadow Reef and Blue Magic. Layout of tenders is very well thought out with enough space for the divers. Easy to keep trade whether the divers have returned. Crew: The stewards and tender drivers are exceptionally attentive. Keep it up.

22 Dec 2015: Michael, China

All excellent.