19 Aug 2015: Sophia, Australia

Thank you to all!!! Having been on the maiden voyage we know you set up to be a quality operation. It is great to see that 5 years on you still take pride in keeping the boat well functioning and fixing things as they present. Also good to see Desi - first time a female crew and it works well - she is great! Boat: The cabins are lovely and well appointed. Diving: We know we were lucky with the conditions, however the quality of the sites and the briefings were such that no matter the conditions we enjoyed them. Wawan is an exceptional dive guide, communicator and fabulous relationship manager. Crew: A "well oiled machine". Each person did their part seamlessly and seemed to genuinely get on. Starts from the top G and Lisa! Sujai and Hairon came to my rescue jumping into water fully clothed (Sujai) and helping me when my tank slipped - with no hesitation - my heroes! Food: The chefs were amazing and responsive to individual needs. We were spoilt!

19 Aug 2015: Delon and Sheree, USA

We look forward to coming back to the Arenui. Boat: all excellent. Crew: Great team, everybody works together very well. Joni did a great job on the dives. We love Desi - please find a way to keep her. Food: Breakfast was the best!

19 Aug 2015: Cindi, USA

Great crew and dive team! Wonderful boat! Super diving! Awesome food and ambience! Happy crew! Happy dives! Happy Cindi :o) Much love and thanks! Thank you for making our trip so special!!! Diving: Great boats (tenders)! Food: all excellent.

19 Aug 2015: Walt, USA

Thank you for a wonderful experience. The crew, diving and food are fantastic. Great crew, diving and boat. Food was fantastic. Divemasters and Cruise Directors are very safety concerned, but they do not limit experienced divers.

19 Aug 2015: Greg, USA

Excellent boat, excellent crew, great food. Best diving I have had.

19 Aug 2015: Scott, USA

I don't think there is anything that could have made this trip a better experience. Best dive trip I have ever taken.

19 Aug 2015: Sandy, USA

Wonderful crew and facilities.

19 Aug 2015: Janette, USA

Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience. The memories will last a lifetime! Diving: Diving was excellent. Crew: A special thanks to Desi, Lisa, Wawan and G. They were extremely friendly and went over and beyond to ensure a great trip. Food: More food than I have ever seen. Everything was delicious. The food sculpture was incredible.

19 Aug 2015: Jason, USA

Boat was excellent, staff impeccable. Tender drivers best ever had. Very nice job on food and beverage.

19 Aug 2015: Trina, USA

I felt every single part of my trip was of great concern. I think this is very important. Customer service and attention to detail was excellent! Happy to be planning my return! You should keep Desi if you can. Best goodbye party ever! Lisa and G are the best Cruise Directors I have EVER sailed with. I have been doing liveaboard diving almost exclusively since 2002. This boat and crew are the best!

19 Aug 2015: Maria, Australia

Congratulations to the Cruise Directors and team for running such a great operation. I would highly recommend the Arenui. Diving: The dive teams, crew and briefings were excellent. The level of service and safety was the best I have ever experienced. All the team should be proud of their service. Crew: All amazing. From the chefs and stewards, to the divemasters, cruise directors, therapists and tender drivers. Wawan was our divemaster and he was exceptional. He was attentive and excellent spotter. Lisa and G were wonderful and kept us well informed. Food: Desi and Kadek who we spent time with everyday gave special service, were always attentive and looked after us with a smile. Chef was great at accommodating dietary needs which was greatly appreciated.

26 Jul 2015: Natalie, USA

All around a wonderful experience. Loved everyone on the boat! I was particularly impressed with Kadek who works incredibly hard and is always so nice and gracious. Joni is a wonderful dive guide and it was a pleasure to get to dive with him! Diving: Amazing! Crew: Wonderful, friendly, efficient. Food: Always outstanding.

26 Jul 2015: Joshua, USA

I loved the boat and the crew. Everyone was amazing, can't wait to come back for the trip to Raja.

26 Jul 2015: Lina, Denmark

Best vacation so far!

26 Jul 2015: Paul, UK

We will be back at Christmas 2017. The trip exceeded our expectations. Boat: Nothing to add! Boat, crew and diving exceeded expectations! Diving: The diving was amazing! Crew: Crew was incredible, really made us feel welcome. Lisa and G really looked after us. Loved Lisa as a Divemaster. Dove with Ronald a few times, great Divemaster. Food awesome! Kadek was very helpful.

26 Jul 2015: Carolyn, USA

Absolutely outstanding! Thank you so much.

26 Jul 2015: Patrick and Christine, USA

Everyone was truly wonderful. We were made to feel very comfortable and secure. Great diving. Great people. Thank you!! Kadek was so helpful and gracious throughout the trip. Eager to assist us with all our needs, always with a smile. All the divemasters were excellent. Wawan is hilarious!! The evening celebration on our final night was heartwarming and will be remembered. We already booked a Raja-Banda trip!

26 Jul 2015: Luna, Philippines

Thank you very much to my instructor G, he did a good job, always safety. You are a good man ... you are the best.

26 Jul 2015: Emma, UK

Amazing and courteous service throughout trip. A few people will now struggle at the thought of doing all the labour of diving themselves, including wetsuits! Loved my time on the boat. Amazing staff! Will see you on the next trip! (Special mention to Kadeks napkin creations each night!) Already booked Raja Ampat!

26 Jul 2015: Claudette, USA


26 Jul 2015: Katie, USA

Trip already planned for Raja Ampat! This trip far exceeded my expectations. G and Lisa are outstanding in everyway. I was particularly impressed by Kadek who worked so hard and always with a smile even with the more challenging guests. Joni was a very fun dive guide. Boat: Fantastic Diving: Outstanding Crew: I was blown away by the efficiency of the entire crew. They work so hard and everything works perfectly. Food: Beyond great.

12 Jul 2015: Tam and Monty, UK

A totally brilliant, restful and exciting experience. So, so well organized - everything worked perfectly. Thank you for a wonderful trip, you have a fantastic crew and directors. Boat: Really so comfortable, clean and well thought out. Loved all the little areas for you to nap in! Diving: Really beautiful area and outstanding muck diving. Crew: Every need was catered for with a smile - very courteous and friendly. Food: Lovely food and masses of it. Thanks for catering for a vegetarian too.

12 Jul 2015: Kirsty, USA

THANK YOU!! Diving: I enjoyed every dive site. My favorite dive site was Manta Alley. FUN!!! Crew: These guys are amazing. The crew works so hard, so we feel super lucky.

12 Jul 2015: Juan, USA

Everything was excellent guys! We hope to dive with you again - Raja Ampat? Muchisimas Gracias! Boat: Wonderful accommodation, very nice makeover. Diving: Superb - Terrific job by all staff. Tenders are well run. Crew: Lovely Crew, excellent and attentive service. Very well run boat by directors and captain. Food: Well managed and very well prepared.

12 Jul 2015: Robin and Ward, USA

Awesome Service!!

12 Jul 2015: Kim and Mike, USA

This was our first liveaboard experience and this trip will be impossible to top! A great crew on the Arenui made this a most memorable trip. We will definitely be back again for more adventures :o) Crew: Excellent crew, professional yet fun loving folks who are genuinely concerned that you are having a great holiday. Divemasters look out for your safety and ensure that you see all of the things they see. Kitchen staff was wonderful and made our anniversary a special event for us. Tender drivers worked hard every day and took great care to make the diving preparation very easy :o) Lisa and G were awesome directors!! Food: Fantastic food! Liked the little breakfast before diving and the quality and preparation of the food was great. Good selection of beverages to choose from.

12 Jul 2015: Beth, USA

Great diving. Great food. Great service. We would definitely recommend to our friends and family.

12 Jul 2015: Mark, USA

Will definitely recommend to others. Would consider chartering the entire boat for Raja Ampat. Boat: Very nice vessel. Ranks one of the best 2 liveaboards of all. Crew: Great Service! Food: Stuffed!!!

6 Jun 2015: Elizabeth, USA

We had a great trip and will come back on the boat. The crew is very, very satisfaction orientated. We have been on several dive boats and this is the best crew we've ever had. They were friendly, helpful, funny, kind, professional - just terrific! Crew: Wawan was fantastic! He took excellent care of me, I always felt safe and saw really cool and awesome critters! Anto was especially "Johnny on the spot".

6 Jun 2015: Dario, USA

Excellent trip I would come back again.

6 Jun 2015: Yvette, Canada

Great staff - great diving. Thank you.

6 Jun 2015: Doug, Canada

Your staff is great! Great!

6 Jun 2015: Caryn and Ed, USA

The kindness and attentiveness of the staff was second to none. From day one the staff were calling us by our first names - so warm and friendly and helpful. Especially enjoyed the dry towels and hot warm wash cloths and hot chocolate when coming back from the night dives.

6 Jun 2015: Matt, USA

Jerry and Debbie did an excellent job making everyone feel special and welcome - especially considering a wide range of personalities. Would love to come along on another trip some day.

27 May 2015: Anonymous, USA

The description of the Arenui as a "boutique" dive boat is most apt: the directors and crew did everything possible to craft a unique and personalised experience for our group. Crew: nice job of matching divers to dive masters based on level of ability.

27 May 2015: Hayden, USA

Crew: lovely, passionate crew. Excellent all around.

27 May 2015: Anonymous, USA

Debbie and Jerry continually go above and beyond for their guests; the little touches translated into huge impact and we appreciate all they and the crew did for us; they work so hard to make our trip perfect and relaxing. The boat is also very beautiful, comfortable and luxurious. Boat: the boat exceeded all expectations and Debbie's explanation the first night of the expectation we would walk through the dining room wet, put my mind at ease. Absolutely gorgeous! Diving: beautiful dive sites that were greatly enhanced by the dive briefings and very knowledgeable dive master. Crew: Service was first class with a very attentive but respectful crew. Each and every crew member made us feel so at home and that they wanted our trip to be the best experience for us. This was by the far the best and most caring crew - and their music was magic! Food: the food was 4 star restaurant quality; we had so many great meals and food at every chance - DELICIOUS!

27 May 2015: Anonymous, USA

Seeing the manta rays so magestic and graceful - a privilege to share the ocean with such a magnificent creature. Food: Food far beyond expectations, delicious and diverse.

17 May 2015: Jose, Spain

Fantastic Crew.

17 May 2015: Sarah, Spain

Your staff is great. Everyone is helpful and it's nice to feel looked after. Also good to see people again. I enjoyed 'G' not only for being an island neighbour, he's good. Good luck, keep going. Crew: Tender drivers: they are really fantastic.

17 May 2015: Liz, USA

Crew: We enjoyed all of the staff. Ronald was an excellent Divemaster and a huge help underwater. Lisa and G were helpful and fun. Food: Food and presentation delicious!

17 May 2015: James, USA

Crew: Dove with Wawan both trips - eexcellent

17 May 2015: David, USA

Food: Best food on a live-aboard in a long time.


17 May 2015: Sheri, USA

Diving: Staggered diving groups was a great idea. Less busy on deck, etc. Crew: Divemasters: we only had wonderful Lisa!! Seamless crew! Worked so well together. Anto and Kadek exceptional! Putu and staff = amazing. All VERY pleasant too! Food: Excellent! Thank you for the gluten-free items! Very much appreciated!


17 May 2015: John and Kelly, USA

Thank you for the wonderful trip. You made our trip special. We appreciate your professional and enthusiastic support. Best wishes to you and your families. We were very happy with the crew. Our guide Wawan was fantastic, we couldn't have asked for someone more professional, interested, funny and entusiastic. Thank you! Boat: Nice to have hard and soft pillows. Plenty of cloth pins and hangers. Diving: Briefings: interesting history.: excellent drivers, careful and helpful. I like that you used baskets for cameras to keep them separate. Crew: Cruise Directors: prompt follow up to issues, positive attitude. Divemasters: Wawan was our guide for this trip. He was very entusiastic, great spotter, prompt to help, I felt save with him. We saw so many new things. Stewards: fantastic, happy and attentive. Tender drivers: felt safe, very helpful. Cabin Boys were great and happy, keeping order in the dive deck, towels, washing wetsuits, helping with suit up and off, cleaning and drying cameras was very nice. Food: we enjoyed our food and options.

2 May 2015: Jeanne, USA

Crew: The crew made the trip in providing comfort, information, politeness and helpfulness - First Class! Special Kudo's to Lisa (and G), super spotter! And Anto and Massage Therapist (Wayan). Food: Snacks - excellent! Breakfast - super!

2 May 2015: Jesse, USA

Very well-run operation. Food: Excellent. Thank you for the chilean wine!! Excellent food and very good service!

2 May 2015: Ann, USA

Thanks for the printed map and dive site locations.

2 May 2015: Phil, USA

Amazing staff and crew.

2 May 2015: Anonymous, USA

Learned a lot, great Cruise Directors, would travel with them again. Diving: Excellent. Crew: Excellent crew, helpful and fun. Food: Food was great.

2 May 2015: Burt, USA

Crew: Tender drivers very alert, skilled and helpful. Wayan did a great job.

2 May 2015: Pam, USA

Cruise Directors attentive and knowledgable. Appreciated the village tour and market visit!!! Crew: rooms were kept clean and neat - chocolates appreciated. Tender drivers so helpful - guide knew our gear. Stewards - helpful, ready to help, cheerful, friendly, knew what each guest needed. Divemasters helpful, catered to guests needs, helpful with fish ID after dive. Food: excellent.

15 Apr 2015: Lisbeth and Arthur, USA

Diving: we especially enjoyed the mandarinfish dive, daytime muck dives, Manta Sandy. Cape Kri was outstanding. Crew: Ronald was wonderful at finding tiny, cryptic creatures. He quickly figured out what our dive group was most interested in, and made sure everyone had a chance to see. Food: Loved barbecue night. Breakfasts were consistently very good. Always more than enough to eat.

15 Apr 2015: Gerard, USA

Cruise Directors are wonderful. Great staff. Crew: Outstanding. Wawan is a positive asset to the staff. Knowledgerable, helpful and safety orientated, just a delight to dive with. Food: Chef and kitchen staff are delightful.

15 Apr 2015: Claudia, Canada

Could not have gotten a better crew. They are all gems. Diving: Great briefings. Very informative and elaborate. Hat off to the Cruise Directors for that. Crew: everybody is wonderful. They all have a smile on their face all the time, they were friendly, extremely helpful, charming, warm, etc. I could go on for hours, but bottom line: I love them all. Special mention: Wawan is the warmest, more charming, smiling and helpful dive guide I have had the pleasure to experience (love eagle eyes). Food: Products were always fresh, there was always plenty of food and everything tasted wonderful.

15 Apr 2015: Greg, USA

Crew: it is obvious that a special effort is put into hiring the right kind of people to staff the Arenui. Every staff member truly enjoys being around the guests and helping them in every possible way. Food: Woah! Outstanding!

15 Apr 2015: Wendy and David, USA

This is a world class dive destination! Crew: Can't say enough good things about the crew. Best dive crew we have ever experienced. G and Lisa were brilliant!

31 Mar 2015: Ulrich, Switzerland

This was clearly the best dive trip I ever did! Thank you so much to G and Lisa and to the whole crew: you were simply terrific!

31 Mar 2015: Ellie and Andy, USA

From the moment we stepped onto the boat to the sad moment when we departured, the Arenui and its staff were attentive, caring, fun, informative and great sense of humor! We are booking another trip when we get home!

31 Mar 2015: Douglas, USA

All marked excellent. 5 star. Terima Kasih!!!

31 Mar 2015: Christine, Switzerland

Best trip ever! Thanks to the creativity, flexibility and communication skills with the Indonesian fishermen we got to swim with 3 whalesharks for a very long time, awesome! I liked the atmosphere among the whole team, they all were a wonderful TEAM. Diving with Jose wonderful. Lisa and G more than excellent and so cheerfully. We did Triton thanks to the decision of the Cruise Directors, great!

31 Mar 2015: Larry, USA

We have been to: Palau, Belize, Galapagos, Australia, Mexico, and never had such an enjoyable experience as the Arenui as a liveaboard. The people, food, service and diving is five star. You will not be disappointed. Fabulous! The Crew: Great service. Keep smiling! Food: Fabulous food.

31 Mar 2015: Vic and Kari, Canada

Great trip!!! From the Cruise Directors, to our guide Jose, to the captains, the stewards, the chefs... and everyone else who worked so hard to make this such an unforgettable great trip. GREAT JOB!! :o) to all the crew! The diving: The sites, the tenders, the guides, all excellent! Best dive trip ever for us!!! The crew: The crew in general made the trip! Great people who took excellent care of us and made us feel right at home. Food: These guys do such an incredible job! Food and Service was impeccable, superb!!

31 Mar 2015: William, USA

This was the best dive trip ever! The Crew: Wawan was outstanding. Lisa and G did a fantastic job. Food: Wine selection was great.

31 Mar 2015: Judy and Don, USA

All marked excellent. This is our second time on the boat.

31 Mar 2015: Mike, USA

Thanks for a great trip. Hope to see you again in 2017!

31 Mar 2015: Joan, USA

The crew: Cruise Directors: best on any liveaboard we have been (out of 7). Lisa and G were highly engaged at all times, extremely well organized, very industrious and creative in ensuring that the whale shark search was successful, and most importantly had a great sense of humor. Wawan was a great divemaster, always attentive and anticipating our needs and always looking for sea creatures that we would miss. He has a great personality and was really fun to interact with. All staff were EXCELLENT. I specially appreciated Anto and Kadek who were so attentive to our needs, Anto is very special!

16 Mar 2015: Jason, USA

Thanks for another GREAT TRIP!!! Crew: All crew was excellent AND went ABOVE and beyond!!! Food: Great food and drink!

16 Mar 2015: Anonymous

Crew: Ronald was very exciting as a divemaster, he showed us a lot of marine life. Very attentive to our needs. Tender drivers: very skilled and very safe.

16 Mar 2015: Sara, USA

Lisa and G did an outstanding job. Very professional, friendly and CARING. Excellent Cruise Directors!

16 Mar 2015: Randall, USA

Crew: G and Lisa are a great addition to the Arenui. It is a great crew.

3 Mar 2015: Christine, Canada

Best dive trip EVER!!! Would definitely travel with Arenui again. Positive experience in everything, will highly recommend Arenui to friends. Have been on multiple dive boats, but this one tops them all by a mile!! Beautiful boat. Staff very friendly. Dive sites incredible. Cruise has lots of variety and dive masters cater to everyones particular interests. Would recommend Arenui to anyone who wants an incredible experience!!! Diving: Fantastic dive sites. Briefings very thorough, safetyexcelent. Dive masters check current every dive, impressive! Crew: Lisa and G were awesome!!! They went out of their way to look after our every need. They could not have been better! Food: We were gluten-free and they accommodate this request excellently, much appreciated.

3 Mar 2015: David, USA

Diving: I am forever spoiled with the diving support... from the divemasters to the tenders, nothing is left to chance. Crew: Outstanding service in all areas. Thanks for going the extra mile to make us feel welcome. Also thanks for your interest in our dive experience and trying to make it the best it can possibly be. Food: All excellent, no suggestions.

3 Mar 2015: Franca and Mauro , Switzerland

We enjoyed the cruise a lot. We have been on the Arenui 3 times and we hope to be able to dive with this boat again.

3 Mar 2015: Liz, USA

Diving: Wawan was fabulous this cruise! My husband can't be happier! As the lone snorkeler some of the time, I was very pleased that the tender drivers followed instructions as where to drop me off. I felt very safe! Crew: Anto is the best! He brought me a plate of my favorite cookies to tempt me and kept offering other goodies. The kitchen staff has been amazing!

3 Mar 2015: Karin, USA

Boat: Cabin service was excellent :o) Diving: This is the only liveaboard I have ever experienced where my dive guide (Lisa) jumped in (sometimes more than once) to check the current first. Very impressive... Go, Lisa!!! Crew: The crew "makes" this cruise. Every person knows their job well and does it quietly (well, maybe not Ronald :o) "Briefing, Briefing!!!") Food: I couldn't believe you managed to serve us good iced tea out in the middle of the ocean! Meals were wonderful as was the service of Anto and Kadek. Totally charming gentlemen.

18 Feb 2015: Chris and Tamara, USA

We really enjoyed our time in the Arenui, the staff are very friendly and went that extra mile to cater for all our needs. The service was really personalized and you feel spoiled as everything is well arranged for you. The diving facilities on board were superb and the diving in Raja Ampat has been the best so far, as we found in one place all the beauties we have seen in our dives around the world and much more! To complete, our dive Master Ungke was a great spotter of all things, including the tiny Pygmy Seahorses, Shrimps and Nudibranchs that you would otherwise miss! Thanks to all the cruise directors, Debbie, Guillem, Jerry and Lisa (alphabetical order!) for making our trip memorable! Big thanks and well done to all the crew!

18 Feb 2015: Bethany, USA

Exceptional vacation - professional staff and personable as well. Thank you for a beautiful lifetime memory with hopefully more tips on Arenui in the near future.

18 Feb 2015: Rich, USA

Everything exceeded our expectations - the boat was luscious and the crew a remarkable group of professionals - they made the trip. Boat: everything was outstanding - best in the world! Diving: again - tops! Food: WOW!!

18 Feb 2015: Peter and Monika , Germany

Es war eine wunderbare Reise mit der Arenui und der netten Crew und super Divemastern!!! Boot: Sehr guter Service, besonders gut war die Reinigung der Videoausruestung und der Tauchsachen. Tauchen: Die Briefings waren sehr gut, auch mit den beiden Bildschirmen. G und Lisa: sehr gutes Briefing, besonders Lisa, hat alles auf Deutsch erklraert. Crew: Divemaster G und Lisa waren sehr gut, Lisa zeigte uns alles!!! Und fuehrte uns gut durch die Riffe. Wir hatten noch nie einen so netten und kompetenten Diveguide wie LISA (herzchen). Essen: Der Koch ist super und auch das Kuechenteam. Danke fuer die nette Ueberraschung zu meinem 800. Tauchgang, super Kunstwerk!! / We had a fantastic trip with the Arenui and their nice crew and super Divemaster!!! Boat: very good service, specially the cleaning of my video equipment and our diving equipment. Diving: the briefings were very good, as well with the two TVs. G und Lisa: very good briefings, specially Lisa, she explained us everything in German. Crew: Divemaster G and Lisa were very good, Lisa showed us everything!!! And drove us well through the reefs. We never had such a nice and competent Diveguide as LISA (love). Food: the chef is super, as well as the kitchen team. Thanks for the nice surprise for my 800th dive, super art sculpture!!

18 Feb 2015: Ursula, Switzerland

Crew: Lisa war sehr kompetent, immer lustig und sehr zuvorkommend. Die ganze Crew ist ein sehr gut eingespieltes Team! Bravo!! / Crew: Lisa was very competent, always funny and very courteous. The whole crew is a very well-rehearsed team! Bravo!!

18 Feb 2015: Ryan and Cheryl, Canada

Diving: Ronald is a great dive guide!! Crew: Anto is always present and attentive - always knows what is going on. Everyone is amazing at learning our names - polite, friendly, welcoming. Everyone offers 5*+++ service to us. Food: thanks for the special birthday cake for Ryan!! All of the extra touches are beyond amazing, eg, hot chocolate after night dives, espresso, custom orders, etc.

18 Feb 2015: Alex, Switzerland

Great trip. Crew: very safe, perfect preparation.

18 Feb 2015: Linda, Canada

Thank you all so very much for making our first liveaboard experience such a memorable one. You've set a very high standard! We appreciate all of the care and attention that has gone into making this the best dive vacation that we could have hoped for. Each of you have one out of your way to make this so special - thank you. PS. We hope to be back! Food: Anto and Kadek are outstanding and added so much to the dining experience. Appreciate have so many vegetarian options. Food was fantastic!!

18 Feb 2015: Craig, USA

G, Lisa, Jerry and Debbie were wonderful. Wawan made trip for Beth. Chef is talented.

18 Feb 2015: Pat, USA

I could totally die happy after this amazing experience - thank you!! Boat: fabulous boat - so comfortable. Railings are perfect for the steep stairways. Entire boat very delightful - bed were wonderful - thank goodness for air conditioning! Diving: unbelievable - favourite places were impossible to choose, as everything was truly amazing. Crew: cannot say enough - G and Lisa were terrific. I would like to take Anto home with me - the sweetest of people. So nice to talk with Jerry and Debbie. Ungke was a great divemaster after Wawan got replaced due to switching - he was great too! Food: awesome array - more than I could eat but I was able to try everything. Chef so creative! I got on the boat on my birthday and even got a cake - hurray!!

4 Feb 2015: Nancy, USA

The Arenui is everything and more than we imagined. We can't wait to come back. The entire crew are awesome!

4 Feb 2015: Cheryl, USA

I've been on many liveaboards and this is by far the BEST. In all regards this trip surpassed all others in great food, comfy beds, fantastic diving and wonderful crew. A+

4 Feb 2015: Phillip, USA

Thanks guys for an unforgettable trip.

4 Feb 2015: Andy, USA

One of the few holidays where one crew member was better than the next. But more importantly they kept me laughing and were so much fun. Crew: all incredible. Tony could not be sweeter and Wenton and Wayan were so much fun. Food: I ate more here than NY City!!

4 Feb 2015: Joe, USA

Overall, the boat is fabulous. It's as good as the website. Diving: Overall, best diving I've ever done. Crew: amazing. Food: top notch.

4 Feb 2015: Ann, USA

Please consider expanding your business to the Caribbean We could reach you in 2 hours from Houston! Boat: diving safety is my greatest concern. Your staff's briefings, dive leader care and post-dive dive leader feedback and recommendations were exceptional. Diving: briefings = exceptional. Safety = exceptional. Crew: your exceptional staff anticipated our needs and exceeded our expectations! We will dive with your team again! Food: best meals and service of any liveaboard we've used.

4 Feb 2015: Anonymous, USA

Crew: everyone was exceptional - great personalities and very informative. Dive master always had an eye on our safety. Food: the service was so great - we were pampered and well looked after.

4 Feb 2015: Ann, USA

I had very high expectations and they were met and exceeded! Very happy to sell and represent the boat. One word - MORE! More fish, more variety, more corals, more colours, more healthy corals and marine life - there is so much more here! Crew: Very good team approach - Jerry and Debbie developed a good working team - first rate! G and Lisa - good skills and passion for their job. Food: always many choices, good local flavours! Very flexible and talented. Carvings were awesome.

4 Feb 2015: Eric, USA

A fantastic experience! Food: Putu's carvings were amazing! Such a treat and is what I found extra special with the vessel.

22 Jan 2015: Kelly, USA

Trip was great, all the crew were friendly and helpful. Boat was great.

22 Jan 2015: John, USA

I had a most excellent trip and it's all thanks to the professionalism of the whole entire crew and the way everyone treated me on a consistent day-to-day basis. Thanks for a GREAT time guys, I'm really gonna miss you. Any of you always have a place to stay should you find yourselves in the States! The Ray of Hope presentation and visit to the local village was most definitely a high point of my above water experience. I saw my first manta! That, the blue ringed octopus and the painted frogfish was my scuba highlight. Being with a crew that I can call friends is my whole trip highlight. Good luck in everything you guys do, you deserve it. Hopefully we'll meet again. There should be a beyond excellent option because excellent is a huge understatement!

22 Jan 2015: Kingsley, USA

Jerry, Debbie and the entire Arenui crew, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my mother's first dive trip truly unforgettable. I can't begin to tell you the joy you have brought to all of the Crawford family. This is one for the history books! Boat: the Arenui is an absolutely incredible boat. What a treat it was to have been able to be a passenger. Diving: have been to a number of places to dive and must say this has been magical. The sites were beautiful and the guides fantastic! Crew: I don't have a lot of liveaboard experience but I can tell you that the future liveaboards have one heck of a standard to live up to. This has been the greatest most pleasurable group of people to live and be with for 11 days that I could imagine. Thank you! Food: loved all the food, need to diet when I get home!!!

22 Jan 2015: Lisa, USA

Debbie and Jerry are amazing. I will really miss their warm smiles and great stories. They run a great trip! The Arenui was our home away from home and we can't wait to book our next adventure aboard! Miss you already! Boat: there are no words! The boat is so special. This was my first liveaboard and now the bar is set so high nothing will compare! Arenui is truly an elegant pirate ship filled with unforgettable pirates! Diving: this was my first real dive adventure. I was newly certified so everything was fantastic. I was so cared for that even in my most nervous situation I knew I was safe! Wawan, Jose and Debbie thank you! Crew: the crew were attentive to every need. From sunrise to sunset we were pampered and spoiled. It will be hard to be home and dress and cook for myself! Food: so, most say you lose weight diving, not on this vessel. 5 meals a day delicious!

22 Jan 2015: Mark, USA

Could not be happier especially with the crew. Any issue I had large and small was addressed by Jerry and Debbie to my complete satisfaction. Especially getting me comfortable with diving here and all my equipment issues. Thanks so much! Diving: entire dive team great. Crew: all outstanding, particularly Jerry and Debbie. Lisa and G helped me so much. Chef and Tony great. Tender drivers!! Cabin and deck crew!!

22 Jan 2015: Flip, USA

Truly a 'trip of a lifetime'! Every person on the boat was so kind and gracious. I only hope we were appreciative enough back. Diving: briefing!! Briefing!! Food: any more excellent food and I might turn into a fat bloated man!!

22 Jan 2015: Sam, USA

Everyone was amazing on the boat. As a diver, the divemasters were amazing especially in their ability to adapt to the different diving styles. I'm not a photographer but I felt very well taken care of and Debbie always stayed with me when I had additional air. Also I was very impressed with everyone (especially tender drivers and cabin boys) who tried with their English. Their gumption was incredible. I went on Debbie's 5,000th dive. Most of our group went up early but I still had air ... hooked onto the reef with Debbie playing in schools of fish was amazing. We stayed there for a while and seeing her enjoy the dive that much made me enjoy it more. I was very lucky to be her dive buddy for such a milestone. All my dives with her, Ungke, Lisa, G and everyone were a blast. Diving: I rented a dive light and the crew always put in fresh batteries. They also did a good job letting me do things like adjust my BCD and weights during the dives. Crew: all spectacular! They took care of us and made a great effort to make us feel welcome. Even the more advanced divers felt part of the group and like we were on vacation. Tenders drivers were also very amazing with helping and accepting to our diving styles. Food: all amazing. One of the chefs made mind blowing fruit carvings and Tony was always awesome.

22 Jan 2015: Maria, USA

Best boat ever.

22 Jan 2015: Sean, USA

It was great, awesome boat with knowledgeable divemasters. Jerry's knowledge about photography and willingness to share it was awesome! Thanks I've always been jinxed with octopus. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never see a blue ringed and on the next dive the DMs found 3! It broke my jinx. On this trip alone I've seen more octopus that I've seen my whole life. Diving: great dive sites. Great knowledge. Misool amazing!!

22 Jan 2015: Kristen, USA

Incredible in every aspect! I've been doing liveaboards for 7 years and this is on another level as far as hospitality, knowledge of dive sites and area, genuine enthusiasm to share all the sites! Meals, rooms, facilities all incredible. Wonderful people on staff that truly made this my top trip. Diving: best part of trip of course and incredible. Food: amazing meals and flavours!

22 Jan 2015: Michael, USA

Met and exceeded my expectations. This will be one that will be difficult to top!! What an incredible experience! Loved all of it and the crew was amazing!!! Being a first time ever photographer I wasn't sure how things would turn out. After the first 3 days of diving/shooting I thought "this is a nightmare", but Jerry personally took me down to show me the ropes. Needless to say, things improved dramatically. I was even awarded one of the finalist in the photo competition. One of my best (favourite) photos is named "Jerry"! The imprint on my future with photography is due to the guidance and patience of Jerry, with Debbie as strong support. These tears are for you both!

9 Jan 2015: Eric, USA

The trip to the cave, village and lagoon where a special edition to the trip. The instructors were great and I learned a lot about diving and the marine life from them. It helped me become a much better diver. I saw everything and more that I hoped to see.

9 Jan 2015: Barbi, USA

This was a fabulous crew, Edu and Nic were first rate enthusiasm knowledge teaching even fixing. TERRRIFIC CRUISE DIRECTORS! Boat: Fabulous room, very beautiful and confortable. Looking forward to stay in Rama again. Diving: Briefings educational. I learned something on each one. Crew: Best crew ever! From Tony Anto to Wayan, Swenten , all the tender drivers cooks engineers Captain all officers and Edu and Nic. Food: beautifully prepared.

9 Jan 2015: Chaz, USA

Edu, Amazing help with equipment and everything educational. Nic, fantastic helpful. Delight to dive with. Crew: Amazing tender drivers. Ronald fun, great eyes and confortable to dive with. Jose also.

9 Jan 2015: Ariane, Netherlands

It will be an enormous challenge to ever find a more colourful varied and beautiful dive experience after Raja Ampat. Boat: Couldn't be better. Food: The food was great. And taking into account we were on a boat the choice was too.

9 Jan 2015: Will, USA

Cant wait to come back! Boat: Best and most spacious dive liveaboard I've been on. Diving: Raja Ampat was everything it was supposed to be. Reef manta, oceanic manta, blue-ring octo, stargazer, pygmy seahorses - nothing was missed. Crew: This crew is experienced helpful friendly and safety conscious. Super positive attitudes. Food: Great food. Would make anything you requested. Loved the fresh fish vegetables and even oatmeal! Creative deserts and not supersized portions - Perfect!

9 Jan 2015: Jonathan, Singapore

Very high service level. Everyone is doing superb job. Food: Special order Ayam Goreng is super good!

9 Jan 2015: Lionel, Singapore

My experience with the Arenui crew sets the bar for what I would expect of other liveaboards. Thanks for the crew for smiling faces always willing to accommodate and ready to give a great experience on the boat and each dive.

9 Jan 2015: Alice, USA

Thank you again for all of your hard work. Nic did a fantastic job matching us with divers with similar experiences dive styles and air consumption. You were all fantastic in helping us with camera questions fish questions etc. Diving: DMs and Edu and Nic are the best in the business. Crew: I have been one lot of the liveaboard all over the world and have never felt so safe or as taken care of as I do here.

9 Jan 2015: Roberta, USA

Crew: Very fine crew throughout. Divemaster and tender operators deserve special mention.

9 Jan 2015: Anonymous

Thank you for everything very well organized. We were very well taken care of! Diving: Diving was great. Crew: Wawan was an excellent dive master! Anto and tony were amazing. They are so patient with all the crazy requests Thank you.

9 Jan 2015: Anonymous

Truly excellent operation - everyone works well with each other to create a seamless operation. Crew; everyone is warm and professional.