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Rod Klein is a digital artist, photographer, and writer.

Earning a Master of Fine Arts Degree in photography and video from UCLA Rod also studied at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Before becoming a PADI MSDT in 1992, Rod worked in the television industry as a graphic designer, and director.

Rod’s images have appeared in numerous publications and regularly in Scuba Diving Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, EZ Dive, Asian Diver Magazine, Scuba Diver Australasia, Alert Diver, Action Asia, UWP Magazine, Fathoms Magazine and Tauchen Magazine. Rod conducts digital workshops at various resorts and liveaboards and is represented by,, and Rod has been a judge a several prestigious underwater photo contests.


On this trip, learn from professional underwater photographer Rod Klein as we take you (and your camera wiht macro lens?) to visit some of the most photogenic dive sites in the world and meet some of the most unusual creatures in the ocean.

Set sail from the port of Maumere, on the eastern side of Flores Island, for a 12-day/11-night cruise, to explore all the famous dive sites of Alor and Flores, ending back at Maumere. Discover the magic of Alor – one of the best kept secrets for diving in paradise.

Alor and Flores offer widespread muck diving, sharks and large schools of fish, WWII wreck dives, untouched reefs and unexplored coral gardens, magnificent soft corals and stunning hard coral formations. Visit all the incredible dive sites of this area, such as Kawula, Lamlera, Pantair Strait, Palau Komba* and more.

*Palau Komba is a volcano known locally as the fire-breathing monster living in the middle of the ocean. It actually erupts every 5-20 minutes which means that you are sure to see the awe-inspiring sight of molten lava creeping down the mountainside and flowing into the sea. Like a mythical dragon, you will also hear periodic thunderous booms as clouds of dust are blasted out from deep inside the island.

Typically, the average temperature range in the Alor and Flores area is around 26-28+ (78-82F+) so usually a 3-5mm wetsuit is fine. For repetitive diving days you may start to notice the cooler thermoclines more than usual, so prefer to wear a slightly thicker wetsuit and/or a hood, but usually 5mm is sufficient. We don’t recommend gloves as this can encourage divers to touch corals or delicate reef areas, but for night dives, where you could be more likely to bump into fire coral etc (or the 2 days of diving in south Komodo), many divers do prefer earning a full length suit and hood/gloves.

BEST OF BORNEO 9-17 Aug 2027