When diving, I mainly first like to see stuff that I’ve never seen before. With relatively few dives, the easiest things to hope for are the big stuff. On this trip I saw so much I’ve never seen before – most of it small, no less amazing for it – but that moment when two eagerly anticipated hammerheads swam into view, and when the devil rays circled us curiously – they remain the two highlights. Thanks to all Arenui crew! Boat; the boat is beautiful elegant and comfortable. There was a great sense of ‘coming home’ as the tender brought us back after each dive. Diving; the diving was spectacular! It’s a privilege these days to get up close and personal with such remote place. I’ve seen things I wouldn’t have believed. The excitement of divemasters and cruise directors is infectious, before and after the dive! Crew; I honestly do not believe anyone could have been more helpful welcoming attentive from delivery of service to general great conversation. Every person managed a delicate balance of professionalism, service and friendliness – necessary for such an intimate type of trip. Food; the food was delicious and plentiful. I ate less as the trip went on, but that was by no means a comment on quality – I first gorged myself on deliciousness and had to reign myself in as there was so much to try… There was a lot of fish on the menu – apparently as its always requested and expected by divers – which I thought strange considering the oceanic problems.