From the moment we arrived on the Arenui we were greeted by the most friendly staff, Lisa and G, who made us feel immediately like we were about to embark on the greatest adventure. When the diving began, every dive exceeded the last amazing dive. How did you do that? I shake my head in disbelief, the weather was perfect everyday, the room made me feel like we were royalty! The staff who attended to our every need, the tender drivers who helped you with your gear, fins, etc. get you ready, take it all from you when you are done, making sure that it is all magically there for you. A cup of water after the dive! Wow! First class service! Then you return to the boat, a wonderful helper to get out of wet gear, a warm towel and a cup of hot chocolate! The Arenui is a diver’s dream!! Everything is hanged up to dry for the next dive for you. I get dressed and a wonderful meal is waiting. Repeat this 4 times a day effortlessly for ten days. Magic! Epic holidays! Thank you to the behind the scenes people too! Thank you for the BEST trip ever! PS: Save your money and do this diving on the Arenui!! You won’t regret it! We will be back!! Wow! Wow! Best diving experience ever, you have spoiled us forever diving anywhere else! Congratulations for making it all look so easy. Thank you! Thank you! Boat: Exceeded my expectations! From the moment we arrived till the day we departed – this boat is a beauty! It feels brand new! What a wonderfully designed boat for diving! Diving: How can I describe? The best diving I have EVER done. Every dive better than the last. This has to be the best in the world! I hope to discover more on another trip on the Arenui! Crew: The BEST, all of you! You have ALL made this a bucket list trip for Brent and I – we will remember this trip and count the days til we come back. Thank you for being SO dedicated to your jobs! Food: Wonderful! ALL memorable meals! Fresh fruit always, the top-deck dining, the salad dressing, the chocolate cake and peanut butter cookies!! Gonna miss it all!!