Anne and Steve

Dear Lisa and G, We had a GREAT TRIP! Thanks for your amazing hospitality. And Lisa for your wonderful assistance as our dive leader. We appreciate all what your kind and suggestive staff did to make our visit so relaxing and enjoyable. We will be back for a 3rd trip on the Arenui! Tremendous value for money! The best comment we can share is that we are excited about returning to the Arenui for our 3rd adventure. Many thanks!!! I had trouble with buoyancy and Lisa was always there to help me and teach me. After the first day of diving I was comfortable in the water and had great diving experiences. During the trip everyone appreciated how knowledgeable the dive leaders were, especially in finding critters and giving advice on underwater photography. Everyone was happy and very pleased with the experience. Boat: all excellent. Great, comfortable accommodations, plenty of room for all of the guests to comfortably share time together and separately. Diving: Excellent briefings. The detailed maps are wonderful. Crew: We came on our second Arenui trip in large part because of your AMAZING CREW!!! Everyone is so friendly, calling us by name (how welcoming!), anticipating our needs and kindly and cheerfully helping us. The Arenui EXCEEDS all standards for customer service! Thank you!!! Food: all excellent. Argetinian Malbec wine would be nice. The menu was wonderfully varied and always delicious. Presentation was beautiful and so friendly.