Appreciated that despite the uncertainty of a new itinerary, Cruise Directors, Captain and DMs went out of their way to scout out currents, anchorage, safety and “entertainment value” of islands and dives sites. This was well reflected in dive briefings and daily briefings, as well as changes to planned itinerary. Despite travelling in such a remote area I always felt safe with the Arenui and its crew. The boat: Everything was beautiful and extremely well maintained as on previous trips on Arenui. Crew were unobtrusive but constantly going about cleaning after us, straightening pillows and cushions, laying out towels, etc. The diving: Really enjoyed exploring the “Forgotten Islands” itinerary with the Cruise Directors and DMs. Briefings were realistic about new sites and potential for current etc, but DMs were careful in looking out for divers and ensuring safety. Site on Nus Leur and Dawera were exceptional! DMs Wawan and Ronald had exceptional eyes and were patient with photographers. Tender drivers were attentive to detail and helped execute start/finish of dives. The crew: Absolutely exceptional! Thrilled to have Debbie, Jerry, Wawan and Putu from previous trips. Everyone went out of their way to be friendly, helpful and courteous from start to finish. Captain was extremely conscientious of ship in new locales but also conscious of effect of best motion for guest comfort. Stewards, DMs and therapists rapidly found our names, cabins, equipment and preferences. I mentioned to Debbie that I had reached a landmark (number of dives) and Putu created a carved fruit/vegetable centerpiece in honour of the landmark. It felt so special! Every time I dive on Arenui I feel like I’m coming back to my Indonesian family. The food: Always plentiful and excellent quality/taste. Appreciated the fresh fruit/vegetables throughout the trip.