Debbie and Jerry are great Cruise Directors. Knowledgeable about all aspects of the operation, properly professional while being appropriately personal and friendly. Great working with them! Wawan’s ability to locate minute creatures is incomprehensible. He can go to virtually any fan and locate a pygmy seahorse on it. I was with him when he found a 1cm lump in coral rubble. He pointed it out to me and all I saw was rubble until that little blue ringed octopus moved. Then it popped out – obvious what it was. Anybody wanting to see small stuff…dive with Wawan. The boat – everything was great! The assistance with dive gear was outstanding. The diving – gorgeous dive sites! Reefs routinely in good condition. The crew – crews are routinely good, these guys were great! Always helpful, always said “yes”. Focus was obviously to provide service and anticipate our every desire. The food – five meals a day is great! Unfortunately my activity at home doesn’t allow me to continue this there.