Love this boat – best boat I’ve ever experienced, well thought out! Loved going to the cave, the hike/view and the village to see the kids, very special. Kudos on labeling towels and small pillow and large pillow/person – very clever. Excellent showers and a good place to put legs for shaving – not just a boys boat! Excellent storage space in room, very functional, great hooks. Five flights from the US and I was thinking “I hope this is good” because it is a LONG way to come – worth every minute to experience Raja Ampat on the Arenui. The service and attention to detail on deck and the expert dive guides made it a pleasure to spend 12 days on this boat – my first 12 day liveaboard ever and I was concerned 12 days would feel too long – NOT so on the Arenui! Also, the way the divers were put into 4 groups was really excellent. If you love the ocean and learning (great educational talks) above the creatures in the ocean, this boat is for you. Diving: the best I have ever seen: variety, awesome reefs, sharks coming back, giant mantas. Crew: spending time with Jerry and Debbie was awesome – first time I have met them and I love their energy and passion for diving and wow, what a crew they run – great team, great energy between the crew. The guys that helped with dive deck were just outstanding. Food: really appreciated Anto and Kadek and how they worked so hard to customize menu for each person and create unique menu for each guest.