Excellent boat. Every day not only got more exciting and eventful but more and more I was impressed by the continuous attention and quick reactions to all things happened, noticed or unnoticed. Food and beverages: Amazing every day. Cappuccino Machine – Wow J. Crew and Dive Masters:  was given excellent. Divemasters were given a ‘WOW’. Room Boys: ‘Ninjas for sure’. Tender drivers always picking me up and made sure I had the quickest trip back to Arenui… even if I surfaced a few minutes before the rest of the group. Almost doubled my dives in these 9 days! As a new diver, I felt always comfortable knowing my gear was always cared for and repaired even before I was aware of a fault!! I expected many of the crew to know my name by the end of the trip but I was very thrilled when everyone I came in contact with greeted me by name in the morning, after each dive (welcoming me ‘back home’) and even passing through the restaurant! I hardly remembered that just a few days before Arenui was being overhauled in dry-dock.