Overall a very good experience. I had some reservations around being on a boat stuck with people I may not enjoy. Spirit engendered on the cruise by the staff and directors made sure I need not have been concerned. An amazing trip made all the better by the enthusiasm and openness of the cruise directors. They made a very relaxed atmosphere for all but maintain a keen eye on quality, safety and above all a real enthusiasm for all activities. Excellent crew and divemasters with eagle eyes mean I have seen the most amazing array of all sea-life. Top prize goes to finding the leopard shrimp – fantastic! Boat: I have no basis for comparison as this is my first live-aboard experience. Clearly though from comments from others I should expect to be disappointed if I visit other live-aboards! Diving: diving was first class. I have to compliment Steven who had two emergencies to handle on two consecutive days – his care and attention even after the event was great. Crew: usually people, not infrastructure, make hospitality companies work well. The boat is nice no doubt but the crew you have is pretty special. Jerry and Debbie keep low profile on management but ran a great show. Food: amazing what can be done on a boat in the ocean for so many days. Exceptional catering and big shout out to the chefs and back room crew who did an amazing job all trip.