All excellent. Essentially, a floating 5-star hotel!!! It was my first time in Indonesia and I thought it was fantastic and great variety of critters and marine life, colors and corals… Crew was top notch. Although I can see Komodo is a busy area, the itinerary was perfect planned and we had a great time. Our dive guide Hery was extremely knowledgeable of the dive sites and could spot all sorts of amazing critters. Cruise director Guillermo was ever present and eager to make all the group super comfortable above and below water.

Best food I had on a boat!!! Very flexible with special requests. In my search for the best liveaboard in Indonesia I came across the Arenui a few years ago, but never got around planning a long trip. Finally I was able to find space for the Komodo trip and it paid off big time!!! This was the best diving trip I have taken so far. Despite being a solo traveller I felt very comfortable as the crew did a fantastic job all around. The diving was amazing and we were able to see everything on the wish list!!!!