Amazing dive experience! I also want to include commendations for the guys that help with our wetsuits – Wayan and Wenton. They always have a smile and a hand to help with gear. Every crew member has been incredibly sweet, gracious and helpful! Thanks for the best vacation ever! Boat: loved it all. This was better than any resort I have stayed in (including 4 Seasons in Maui). All beautiful. Diving: the dives were all wonderful. The worst dive we did this trip was better than anything I recall at most other resorts. Our divemaster Phari did an excellent job of accommodating skill level and also had a great eye for small creatures. Always felt safe. Crew: it feels like any words to describe the care provided by the crew fall short of expressing my true regard. G and Lisa were very knowledgeable and so patient with us. Jose was a great asset to the dives – provided great information about the entire natural system. The tender drivers did an excellent job, they were always nearby, helpful, did a great job picking their way over the swells, etc. I am truly grateful for the cabin boys, chefs, etc. Food: best food I have ever had at any resort, dive boat, etc. Not enough superlatives 😉