Arenui lives up to its reputation as a luxury boutique live aboard. Edu and Nic treat the crew with respect and they perform accordingly. It results in all crew driving very hard to anticipate their every need and delivering. Great boat, great leadership, great communicative front office (Siska) plus a beautiful place to dive. The boat; exceeded my expectations, comfortable and highly organized. Very well managed. Cabin was gorgeous. Dive prep was outstanding. The diving; south was fantastic, gorgeous coral, water and reef fish. Highly organized and systematic diving. The crew; the team effort to overwhelm us was evident and consistent. Most effortless dive trip ever. Loved how crew anticipated every need from diving to eating, to relaxing, best service orientation I have ever experienced – doubt I will find a boat that can top it. Edu and Nic bent over backwards for us all. Food and beverage; variety was enormous. Quantity enormous.