Wonderful trip! The “small details” have all been anticipated and attended to on this boat, as well as the obvious big stuff! Superb organization and response to needs. Boat: I love the wood (all re-used/re-claimed) and the art work throughout the boat. Cabins very comfortable. We were in Ganesh and had storage space beyond our needs!! Pillows were great – 1 soft and 1 firm for each bed – what a lovely plan!! Sky lounge was lovely with canopy. Diving: wonderfully planned locations/great manta sitings (the goal of this trip). Itinerary was flexible to keep up to best manta ray opportunities. Crew: All staff/crew were helpful and friendly. The Steward and Wayan and Wenton were quickly aware of preferences and needs, very helpful. Even could tell when someone needed extra help. The leadership of the Cruise Directors was amazing (Debbie & Jerry). It feels like everything has been thought through, extremely well-run boat, limits were clear and presented in a fun way to boot. There was no question about safety preparation and we all knew about evacuation plans immediately. Jose – with his knowledge of fish/creature identification always expanded our dive experiences by siting with small groups to identify and talk about fish and their behaviors. Good library available. Food: I always had gluten free choices – thank you!! Food quality was large, but ½ portions were available. And we were all amazed at how hungry we were for each of the 5 eating times!