Wonderful boat, incredible crew and ATTENTION TO DETAILS by all of the crew members to spoil us with comfort. The moments I will never forget: like the tender drivers reminding me before snorkeling to take my clip for the shirt to protect my neck; put flippers on my feet…take them off for me after snorkeling; remember about all kind of personal preferences…that is incredible! The tenders are super comfortable to be on and to get in and out of the water. I also was totally amazed about the tandem of the whole crew working in such harmony to make everything work close to perfection. Thank you. I loved all the food. The boat is well taken care, very quiet and stable. I LOVE this boat. Cabins are super nice, large, very comfortable, the space well used, the interior decor. I enjoyed every day the feeling of Indonesia. The Snorkeling: I am very happy to see such a variety of coral and stuff in all the underwater. And safety provided by presence of tenders and care of Divemaster Idy to be there was incredible, good safe and just wonderful. Crew: Simply fantastic!!! Thank you. The cruise directors are simply excellent. If I would have a boat like this I would want exactly the cruise directors like Lisa and G. Everything organised to perfection and the highest expectations one would have coming to this boat. They are also super friendly and interesting people. I am totally, totally impressed by stewards, divemasters, tender drivers, chefs and the whole crew for doing a simply perfect job with attention to details, caring and providing us with comfort we could not imagine to be spoiled like that.