I chartered this ship for our 35th wedding anniversary. Travelled to Bali the fall of 2015 to ensure the Arenui met my expectations. It exceeded my expectations at first sight. I was told Raja Ampat was world class but until you experience it for yourself I feel you don’t really have any idea how awesome it is.

The crew is without question the best part of the trip. The boat and the diving are great, but the crew really brings the experience together. The attention to detail is amazing. My sister was lucky enough to get married while on this cruise. The crew did an amazing job to make the wedding unforgettable. I am a foody, I love to cook, I enjoy culinary experiences, the Arenui culinary team exceeded my expectations in every regard.

Thank you to all of the Arenui staff! Special thanks to Siska , she was awesome helping me to set up and execute the awesome anniversary adventure.