A true first class state-of-the art scuba experience. Every attention to detail in providing a memorable and luxury dive experience. Beautiful boat, fabulous diving, delicious fresh food, attentive staff, amazing facilities. Best dive trip ever! Thank you for a most enjoyable dive trip! Superb experience at every level. Thanks for the great experience and wonderful memories! So very much appreciated! :o) Great job Arenui team! Boat: Best dive boat I have ever been on! Your attention to every detail and the decor is outstanding. Very impressive! Diving: It’s always great to experience a new part of the world. Beautiful terrain with great variety on each dive. Thank you! Crew: Amazing attention to detail at every level. Superb service with everyone anticipating each person’s every need. Having spa therapists on board is a true luxury. Loved everyones friendly and cheerful attitudes with great humor too!