Erik & Lynne

We thank all the people who made our trip so wonderful: Siska was a delight to deal with arranging everything for us. G was the consummate host. We appreciated learning the “ropes” and rules of Arenui so clearly and being guided through each day with such grace and humor. Jose was an unexpected gift. We enjoyed his willingness to teach us and to share his talent so enthusiastically with such grandiosity. Ronald, our divemaster, or “the Best ” was just great. We landed with him immediately. Bayu was so helpful to us 70+ year olds. Made us believe our diving days can continue with the kind assistance he gave us. The cheerful Sujai was also most helpful.

We could go on naming many staff members we came in contact with. In their own way each and one of them made our diving trip the very best of the many we have done. It has been a wonderful to see that now we have found Arenui our diving days can continue.