Fay & Steve

It was 2 years ago, we asked friends for recommendations for a diving trip of a lifetime, my husband and I assuming it would be our last dive trip. I was turning age 70, had begun diving age 65 and we had both recently retired! Indonesia was the top recommendation, a dive shop owner in Arizona suggested, and we were soon introduced to the Arenui! How fortunate for us: ALL expectations exceeded; the boat, the cruise directors, the crew, the accommodations, the food and a boat filled with new friends. Dive sites were unbelievable, no words! Never in my life did I expect to experience such an awesome experience in all aspects! This trip was created for us as “our trip of a lifetime” and it FAR EXCEEDED our expectations! I could never dreamed of more exceptional diving – the diversity is AWESOME. The staff of the Arenui: ALL ARE AWESOME. I have never encountered such a staff committed to customer service. EXTRAORDINARE! They also work non-stop. Boat: awesome. Diving: awesome. Crew: awesome. Food: awesome.