Ginny and Frank

The operation lived up to and exceeded expectations! We waited 3 years for this trip and it was PERFECT in every way! Delightful! Relaxing! Exhilarating! Dinner in the Sky Restaurant area was always incredible. Sitting around after dinner when they turned out the lights so we could enjoy the starry sky was a great way to end each day. I also loved the sunset dives. When it became evident that the majority of the group was too tired to stay awake for night dives then dinner – they adjusted the itinerary so we had earlier sunset dives and they turned out to be everyones favorites! Boat: BEAUTIFUL boat! We LOVED the wood and the ambience. Clearly the staff took great care to keep everything clean and orderly – but it was always behind the scenes. Diving: The crew knew the sites very well. I enjoyed the sites we repeated because there was so much life and variety. Tenders were amazing at staying right with the groups when we surfaced. We REALLY appreciated being able to dive the southern area even though it wasn´t on the itinerary. Crew: Everyone was friendly and very professional. The teamwork was fantastic. Every crew member learned all the guests names and preferences. They were completely attentive and ready to help at all times, 10 stars!!! They were also kind to each other, which made it very pleasant for everyone. Food: Gained weight! Food was so delicious it was difficult not to overeat!!