Greg and Linda

They are so many wonderful experiences, it’s impossible to pick just one. My favourite moments were when Lisa or Ronald or Joni or Idy would be so thrilled with the uniqueness of what we were seeing that they would cheer, clap, dance, and even jump for joy with their hands overhead and fists pimping – all underwater! One such instance was the cuttlefish party when we saw SIX different large cuttlefish of 3 varieties all within sight at once. When another of our dive groups came by and saw the first cuttlefish, we all held up our fingers, there where six within sight. It was thrilling to see their expressions as they spotted all 6, one at a time. It’s important to have great passengers/guests and we really did. Thanks to Jeff Chanin for organizing such a fabulous group of people! Boat: very nice to have charging and drying and storage areas (with the dry towels) for the cameras and computers in the restaurant area. Love the canopy and towels/pillows in the luxurious sky lounge area. Diving: loved Komodo! The variety, the wall dives, the pinnacle dives, the mantas. Incredible service by the crew helping us with our gear. Crew: all the crew were incredibly helpful, cheerful, smiling, good natured, safety conscious and doing everything imaginable to make the trip a joy.