Wow! I loved the entire trip. I want to bring back my family in a few years. Lisa and G are amazing. Best in 30 years diving on liveaboards. The maps at the end of the trip are wonderful. Boat: 5 stars! After 30 years diving in many liveaboards, like Agressor Fleet in Papua New Guinea, Galapagos, Komodo and Peter Hughes Fleet in Cocos Island, Solomon, Socorro and Truth Aquatics in Channel Islands, CA, etc. this is THE BEST BOAT AND SERVICE! Diving: Greatest variety ever seen! Crew: I was amazed by all the extra services by the crew! Waiters Anto and Kadek are terrific! Divemaster Joni was terrific! Tender drivers were great! G and Lisa are the best ever! Food: Great – I appreciate the gluten free food! :o)