“My second trip on Arenui and it felt like coming home. Even though it had been a year since I was last on board, being greeted by Jerry, Debbie, Wawan and Ali felt like seeing old friends again. I was fortunate to have Wawan as my dive guide again – from showing me my first electric clam under a ledge on the night dive to carefully pointing out the eyes on a collection of anemonefish eggs, he was continuously showing me things I had never seen or never noticed before…and teaching me to be a more observant diver. Beautiful boat, well maintained. The turn down service was a nice luxury. Whole crew was always very enthusiastic and eager to help. Jerry and Debbie ensured all issues and requests were addressed promptly. DM Wawan did a fantastic job of finding and pointing out interesting things but particularly of looking after divers and making us feel safe. Loved being back on the boat again. Service on the boat was top notch. Excellent food and snacks – always plenty of food.”