This was my 4th trip on the Arenui, and each time I return it feels like a homecoming. I had only seen a manta once before, but on this trip we saw so many mantas at two different sites that we lost count! It was wonderful to see our enthusiasm and excitement mirrored by the cruise directors and dive guides. Diving: diving was top notch! I did this itinerary with Arenui years ago, and this one was so much better! So many places/critters I have never seen before (ladybugs, mototi octopus, so many mantas!!!). Tender drivers did a great job finding us after every dive and helping us prepare. Crew: the crew is definitely the highlight of this boat! G and Lisa were amazing – looking out for safety while also finding incredible dive sites. So happy to be able to dive with DM Ronald again. Not only does he have incredible eyes for finding big and small critters (and makes sure the entire group has a chance to see them) but he also keeps an eye out to make sure we are all okay. I am so grateful that he saved me from a downcurrent I hadn’t realized I swam into. Loved coming up to the restaurant every morning to be greeted by Kadek and Anto (and smiling Joni with the nitrox clipboard).