The boat design/decor, attention to even minor details are noted and appreciated. From Ship Shop selection to the travel pouch gift at the end, it’s clear this boat is a labor of love and passion. The ‘green’ aspect is noted too, minimal plastic water bottles, great bathroom products and dispensers. Everything just lived up to the highest expectation from the website. Laura and Siska were great. And again Nic and Edu were funny, helpful, warm, welcoming, could and did help with anything! So glad my first liveaboard was the Arenui. Diving; big variety from South to North! The crew; I feel so spoiled on this boat. The crew took care of everything with a smile, seemed to anticipate everyone’s preferences, gear, etc. Can’t believe they knew all of our names within 24 hours (or sooner!) of our arrival. I was worried that the new cruise directors wouldn’t be as good as Debbie and Jerry (from reviews) but Edu and Nic were amazing. Food and beverage; great variety. All very good and so plentiful, so much for losing weight! And well timed too. They knew when to serve me breakfast after the am dive.