Jennifer and Alex

I would like to say thank you to the entire staff of The Arenui for making our trip such a wonderful experience again! You have proven that there is really no comparison when it comes to liveaboard diving in Indonesia or anywhere else in the world!! We have had a fantastic time diving with The Arenui. We truly enjoyed every part of our experience with your company from the assistance provided by the home office to the exceptional service and experience of the boat staff. Thank you all!! As a final note I would like to say that we absolutely enjoyed the new educational portion of the trip. The information Jose provided was wonderful and brought a greater appreciation for the beauty of these fantastic waters. This type of addition increases the value of this trip and will hopefully bring awareness to more people. Thank you Jose. Boat: The accommodations were perfect! The attention to detail created a soothing atmosphere to relax between dives. Diving: The diving was spectacular! The attention to detail by the divemasters, tender assistants and staff created such a comfortable safe experience, I was excited to dive every day! Crew: We LOVE the staff of The Arenui!!! Everyone is so welcoming and such a pleasure to be around. The staff and service they provide is the first reason we keep coming back to The Arenui. Food: As always the food was delicious and plentiful! You cannot go hungry on this boat!