I’d recommend Arenui to the divers in my home town. Enjoyed every moment on the boat and underwater. After being pampered like this, the bar of my expectation will be very high and not sure if I can find a vessel to compete with Arenui. Amazed by the attention to detail, service and the experience of speed boat staff, their efforts to help us enter and exit for each dive. Huge thank you to the senior speed boat driver. The cruise will leave indelible memory. In summary, it is an ultimate indulgence! The diving: Briefings cover all we should know. The crew: Well exceeded expectation. Service is unparalleled. All staff are very friendly and nice. I’m fortunate to dive with Debbie. She is an excellent DM, easily led a group of divers with various diving capability, with and without camera, to meet everyone’s needs. Wawan is not my DM but he guided me a couple of times underwater, a fun guy to talk with. He is a rising star! The food: Obvious chefs are trained to prep foods for westerners.