Everything is so clean & pleasant. This is a beautiful boat and I really liked the cultural touches. If anyone was hungry they did not have anyone to blame! So much food and all was good with lots of choices. All the crew made us feel special and spoiled us rotten. So appreciative of all the extra effort – dive masters and directors all sat with me to ID my first pictures. Massage was wonderful. I have only ever dove in Carribbean. The diving here is so amazing and the skills of the dive masters are amazing! Thank you for such an awesome experience. This is a trip of a lifetime for me – I survived cancer almost 2 years ago & my husband arranged this trip for me with my best friend as a celebration. We had to save for 2 years to pay for this trip and I had an awesome experience. I am so thankful the beauty of the boat & diving, the skills of the crew and the opportunity to travel to Indonesia. I hope to come back someday!