Rarely does a trip live up to expectations set by the website destination. The Arenui website is a little hard to believe because it makes claims about the diving service and accommodation that seem impossible to achieve. Yet everything presented on the website is in fact true. I can’t imagine another dive boat that can match the Arenui. Everything done for the guests is done with a smile. The route the dives and service onboard are tailored to accommodate guests. It’s hard to get a combination of structure and flexibly that appears seamless, but it was certainly evident on this cruise. Wetsuits perfect fit. Crew; every single one of the crew that one interacted with was very helpful and courteous. Anything resembling work for a guest was immediately taken on by a crew member. Extremely well organized and trained. Food; variety offered meant that we never had to have the same meal twice. Everything produced by the kitchen was to high standard.