Nic has an amazing smile, great knowledge and good customer service. Edu met challenges with creative solutions and never let us see him sweat. The Arenui continues to amaze me. Thank you and thank the entire crew land and boat! Pre-trip help was really good. The Arenui is like diving with your family. It always delights at every wave. The crew on land and sea is knowledgeable and enthusiastic but more they anticipate your every need with smiles, fun and friendship, incredible sightings and wonderful boutique experience. Selamat terima kasi, thank you! Diving: dive sites were well chosen for the conditions. Even our “exploratory dives were well timed. Crew: Siska, Debbie and Jerry amazing. This is an amazing family crew. Anto working alone was exemplary. Wayan and Wenton were amazing always smiles and help before we needed it, Kitchen awesome! Dive guides good friendly knowledgeable and around to answer questions. Every crew member was friendly and efficient. Edu and Nic are doing a great job! Food: excellent ability to work around special diets.