Our dive master Jose was very good to show us many things. On one dive he showed me a stonefish. He motions for me to come close and pointed. When I looked I actually saw a family of 3 stonefish side by side. Jose was quite surprised, he had only seen one. Its funny to have a laugh underwater. I motioned for Lissa to come so she could take a picture. It was quite a great picture. I nicknamed the shot “Sly, the Family Stoned” ☺ I know I checked “excellent” on every category. It really was! Boat: Loved the service. Feeling of magical comfort. Shinta cabin was great, always clean. Extremely comfortable and charming. Diving: Great sites and friendly tenders. I especially liked the briefings. Lisa and G do a great job there. I saw every coral and critter I hoped to see. And I always felt safe. Crew: Lisa and G are perfect in their jobs. Really nice and professional. I loved them a lot. Our divemaster (Jose) was outstanding. He took great care of us throughout the trip. He was knowledgable of all sights and corals and fish and critters. I truly liked him and will try to keep in touch with him. Also every single crew member was so very nice to us. I felt like family. Food: So much food! Great variety and very tasty. Beef was specially tender and good quality. I always requested ice tea which was freshly brewed always!