Kate and Greg

We very much appreciated the excellent wines (reds). We also loved the decor. We live on the island of Borneo and perhaps appreciate this wooden, local decor more, since we have been to longhouses, etc. The warm decor is conductive to bonding us as a really nice group. Many of us had not met before, yet we all know the organizer Greg. We got along really well. We were blessed with fantastic weather, calm seas, few currents and lots of fish. Boat: The bed was very comfortable. Plenty of nice big pillows. I liked the space around the bed to put small things :o) Our cabin Dayak was spacious. Every morning and again every evening our rooms were made like new! Including a chocolate for bedtime. The toilet waste bin was always clean. The lighting was a nice, subtle color, amber. The amenities (hairdryer, reading light, shampoo, conditioner and body soap) were very much appreciated. Diving: Best “check out” dives ever! The first three dives were shallow in Ambon, at Laha and full of interesting fish. Crew: Cruise Directors Lisa and G: always nice, cheerful, helpful, and best of all: knowledgeble and excited about dive sites, what we might see, and about life of things in the sea. Divemaster Ronald: always kept good “eye” on the 4 divers, always wrote on his slate anything I wanted to know. Saved me 3 times: caught my mask and computer when I dropped it while preparing to enter the boat and untangled my SMB and hook. Food: Always accommodated my special need of “no-dairy” by preparing foods for me, using either the almond milk powder I brought, or cooking differently (roasted potatoes instead of mash). My husband LOVED the lovely cappuccino in the morning.