Debbie and Jerry have a huge range of skills – not only mastery of all the diving issues (sites, critters, photography, gear), but have tremendous people skills, have hired a fantastic crew, deliver very high value, and adapt and trouble shoot with grace. Debbie taught a nitrox course as well. My ears have been a problem for years and I was not surprised when on day number six I had a total block and could not descend. At the manta dive at Manta Alley the tender crew towed me, as I held to the rope and they made sure I saw the mantas, as well as so many other critters. We had a blast. Debbie then arranged for Yusuf to escort me on snorkel ‘dives’ along the reef. He was brilliant at spotting turtles, sharks, cuttlefish and helped fend off an attach of a titan trigger! I felt incredibly well cared for. The diving; diving was spectacular. Briefings kept me aware of current, where to find critters. Yusuf could not have been better in making snorkeling a wonderful ‘plan B’. The crew-I had an unusual need – inability to dive because of ear problems. Jerry, Debbie and Yusuf arranged for me to snorkel which was wonderful. The tender crew made our diving so vey easy by helping with fins and caring for vests, masks, etc. The restaurant stewards were first rate. The last night party was a tremendous surprise. The food; amazing ability to keep lettuce fresh. All food served seemed high quality and very healthy.