We had a wonderful time. From the moment we came onboard, the crew could not do enough for us. Anto and the kitchen staff were incredible, and Debbie and Jerry and all the crew were truly outstanding. Thank you for a trip that we will never forget. Boat: we loved Rama and would stay in that cabin again. We also thoroughly enjoyed our time in the restaurant and on all parts of the sky deck. We especially loved dozing on the lounge chairs after dinner. Diving: amazing! Mantas, sea horses, whale shark, schools of fish, gorgeous coral. Need I say more. Crew: between Anto, Debbie and Jerry, every single one of our needs was met. We were treated incredibly well, as well as all the guests, and had a dive trip we will never forget. Food: as vegetarians we had an incredible list of options and the chefs always made us delicious food. The food was abundant and amazing. The beverages were also great.