Excellent trip all around! No concerns or negative experiences at all! One suggestion: maybe offer soft spa music during massages (not too loud), may be better than hearing the other guests talking. Lisa was one of the best divemasters I’ve ever had! She was extremely patient, was always looking out for our group, and always took the time to make sure we were comfortable and ready. She was quick to point out the marine life and made all the dives the most enjoyable I have ever had! Terima Kasih 🙂 Boat: Beautiful and charming! Diving: all excellent, specially the destination and safety! Crew: all excellent, specially the Cruise Directors. The entire crew was amazing! So kind, patient, caring, and accommodating at ALL times! Most of all, the crew was sincere in everything they did! Wonderful 🙂 Food: all excellent. The food was delicious!! Great variety and presentation!