Mark and Shauna

“It can be risky to come into a trip with such high expectations: after research and reading reviews, we picked the Arenui based on a stellar reputation. What a pleasure to have our high expectations exceeded in every regard. The boat (stunning), the dives (incredible), the food (fantastic), the weather (lucky) all combined to create a spectacular trip. But the crew (warm, friendly, funny, always wanting to please) and the service they provided made it a trip of a lifetime. The boat – great A/C, double pillows, unlimited drinking water, upper deck awnings, finishing of the boat – eg, stonework in bathrooms great touch. The diving – love – hot choc and warm towels after night dives!!! Debbie sharing her dive pics with us. The crew – Ricky is an outstanding massage therapist. Particularly friendly crew were Anto, Jaya, the Captain, the divemasters, Jerry and Debbie. Well, ok, everyone we had contact with…we’re sure the rest of the crew are just as friendly and helpful. Service was flawless. Love – big smiles from crew whenever helping us. Food – love – so many vegetables and fresh fruit, dessert in reasonable portions. Choc brownie/mousse/icecream and banana egg rolls – awesome!!”