Boat: All excellent. Beautiful boat kept in pristine order by hard working Cruise Directors and crew. Diving: All excellent. Always kept up to date which dive site we were going to, good briefings with easy to understand diagrams. Every effort to make sure easy to get in and out of the tender. All excellent dive sites and great variety. Very fortunate to go to Triton Bay. Crew: All excellent. Both Lisa and G made every effort to make sure each guest was looked after and willingly attended to every request. Both full of enthusiasm and kindness. All the Divemasters try very hard to please each guest and always willing and informative. Because of the distance covered every member of the crew worked extremely hard and always smiling and friendly. The stewards both always attentive and good humored. Anto and Kadek are real assets as are all the crew. Food: All excellent. First class food all the time with plenty of choices, all good, so difficult to select. More than enough food through the whole day. Very hard working chef and his assistants.