Michaela and Markus

When I first set foot on this boat I was still carrying my laptop bag – but when Nic offered to take it from me upon I politely said something like “Oh no worries I’ve got it”. She gave me a look and cocked her head and said “No you are on the Arenui now” – I’ll never forget that look on her face. It is unfortunate that I didn’t get to meet and spent as much time with the entire crew that worked so unbelievably hard behind the scenes, but those that I had the most contact with were phenomenal, Ronald was truly truly amazing! He read the minds of all 4 of us anticipated every move and need. Nic is the sweetest person and her knowledge of diving the world is amazing. Waking to her voice every morning was a perfect way to start the day. What can I say about Edu? He is truly a master of craft. He perfectly divided his time between educating us, chatting with the guests about anything under the sun, keeping us safe, choosing the best sites based on 100 factors that he calculates in his head – yet keeping both the crew and clients on a schedule. He and Nic both made themselves available all day and night long, which is difficult to be on call every day. They never seemed burdened and actually truly interested in conversing, teaching and learning from all the guests. The personalization of each client was amazing! The crew completely in tune with different guests needs and desires. The boat: amazing vessel! Diving: Of course everything was amazing but if anything it was the diving that superseded all of that! The crew; please disregard my comments on the diving section as the crew was easily the highlight of the trip. Food; amazing selection, quality and presentation. I’ve never been a foodie but I might be now!