Please see comment regarding Debbie and Jerry on Andy’s feedback. In short, without them I would not have had the best holiday ever! Snorkeling: as I am not a diver I expected to be reading for 11 days with occasional dips in the ocean while my husband dove. With Jerry and Debbie’s enthusiastic support, I wound up snorkeling and spending more time in the ocean than I ever have in my life (giving that context, I grew up in Miami and now spend summers on the beach). The fish were simply spectacular and Jerry always made sure I had a perfect spot to safely hang out with them. I may never dive but snorkeling again with Debbie, Jerry and the Arenui is definitely on my bucket list. Loved learning about mantas! Who knew? Thanks to Andrea from us both!! Little note on Jose – he was great taking the time to point out fish from the reef book. Loves his work! Talk was wonderful and informative. Crew: A special shout-out for Agun, the snorkeling expert, who gave me a few special tours by jumping in the water, grabbing my hand and escorting me to places to which I would have not have ventured on my own. It was as if he was showing me the hidden neighborhoods of his hometown. Turtles…sharks…every fish imaginable , large and small. Thanks Agun!