Crew is always smiling and alert. Good boss makes great crew. Will definitely recommend divers to try Arenui or they will never know what a real liveaboard is like. Thank you for a great trip. In one of our dives one of the diver’s high pressure hose burst at about 80ft. Wawan our divemaster turned around and rushed toward her, gave her his octopus and signaled for her to calm down. The diver was a very experienced diver and was very calm. We felt so safe diving with Wawan as he is very alert and caring and he is also very good at spotting small creatures underwater and patient too! Thank you Wawan. The crew – very good team work. Good bunch of people. Cruise directors are kind and caring and willing to give some good advice on taking photos underwater and I got some great pictures as a first timer, thank you Kerri and Hurgen. The food – meat and fish dishes were cooked just right, pantry and cakes and dessert are very good. Better than many restaurant food, getting fat!