The uniqueness and history of the Arenui added to the memorable experience. Even traveling at night in rough seas gave an authentic feel with the wood creaking softly and the gentle humming of the engines. The only reason I had trouble sleeping was from excitement to be on board. A very special thank you to the Chefs for keeping us full all week. Even on the last day, we were served a delicious fresh salad and vegetables. There were always new flavors to try each day. I was especially impressed when the Chef rearranged the menu to accommodate a special request for Cheeseburgers one night. I will never forget smelling the fresh buns baking that day. The Arenui Crew was amazing. It was like magic that they kept everything running so smooth. The service was outstanding! All of their hard work is what made our experience so enjoyable. We are eager to book another trip because of them! Really enjoyed the variety of dive sites. Ronald was an excellent guide. He helped find many creatures and often multiple subjects at the same time to keep each diver/photographers occupied. One of my favorite part of diving was hot cocoa and hot towels after a night dive.