Pat and Chris

Everyone works so hard especially the room boys/dive deck/massage. Always with a smile. The chefs seem to be working all day with fantastic results. Tender drivers are so strong and very helpful. Good at remembering little touches of how to help. As ever, Debbie and Jerry are EXCELLENT – always there and ever cheerful. Boat: thank goodness for AC in the saloon. The crossbars at the tables very welcome. Diving: excellent guiding and spotting of the tiniest critters to the big things out in the murk. Crew: this is our 5th trip on the Arenui and it just gets better and better. A special mention has to be made about the room boys Wenton and Wayan. Their help on the dive deck was far beyond the call of duty. Full assistance with putting on and taking off dive gear. I had a sore back and they did everything for me, including putting on dive boots. Thank you! Food: once again, it’s incredible how such fresh and delicious food is available all the time. How on earth does lettuce keep so fresh for two weeks?! The chefs excelled themselves every meal.