Patti Vickers

Wonderful experience! Rating five stars plus! Thank you so very much! Blessings… It was our second dive at Manta Sandy. Jerry was our divemaster. We hung out waiting for the mantas to come around for around 50 minutes. A no show on the mantas. Jerry motioned for us to swim up to the shallower reef. Just as we were approaching 35 feet, Jerry began pointing back towards the rock at the heart of the cleaning station. Two mantas swam in, one left and the other danced for us for about ten minutes. It was amazing! Mantas are my favourite sea critter! The boat – five stars plus. The diving – Amazing dive sites. The crew – This is a top notch run liveaboard. Debbie made me feel right at home from the minute I stepped on the ship. The crew was amazing, very friendly and always there to lend a hand. The trip was awesome and the entire crew made it so. Thank you! The food – the food was exceptional! The cooks, Bayu and Anto made sure I didn’t go without soup or dessert because of my dairy allergy. Every thing was made fresh and from scratch!