We went in February with Arenui to Raja Amput and were very happy. The very best boat we have ever been on. We booked straight away for an April cruise so this report is a second experience. The experience was superb as before and we booked again for Bali-Komodo-Bali next October. The dive guides are all excellent but Toby is a class apart. He found 4 mm nudis, a rhinopia and the rarest of the rare of frogfishes, the psychedelic frogfish. What was appreciated was that we were not only diving but made several landtours as well with transport and guides on the ready. The boat itself gives another meaning to the word “space” on liveaboards. Big cabins, big showers, big lounge, sundeck, big, big, big. There were 30 crew members for 12 guests! Service from A to Z. Although the cruise is fully and professionally programmed, there is enough flexibility to feel comfortable at any moment. Enthusiasm of the cruise director Jerry overflows and contaminates his staff. Briefing tables are works of art. UW Photography Comments: Each dive was excellent.