I had extremely high expectations coming into this trip for the Arenui because I have heard nothing but spectacular comments from former patrons. Those expectations were not only met, they were surpassed and I look forward to my next cruise with you! 🙂 ABSOLUTELY value for money. Very grateful pointer sticks were available on board, I didn’t had a chance to buy one before. G, THANK YOU so much for letting me use your magnifier… It really made my whole trip to get to see everything in such fine detail! My sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the entire staff for making this experience more special than I could have possibly imagined!!! Boat: all excellent, specially comfort. Diving: Dive briefings were excellent! Loved the presentations and would have enjoyed more of them. Jose was phenomenal! He was patient, informative, excellent at finding critters and just a really warm, friendly, nice guy! Crew: all excellent, specially cruise directors, chefs and stewards. I had VERY HIGH expectations into this trip and they were exceeded BY FAR! EVERY member of the staff was helpful, friendly, interactive, accommodating and a true pleasure to be around! Food: all excellent. Food was REALLY GOOD! Especially loved the curries!