Ruthmarie & Gary

We would dive anywhere with this boat!! See you in October for Komodo-Alor. A special thanks to our wonderful divemaster Ronald. He took me under his wing and let me into so many wild and exciting adventures! Personal encounters with sea snakes, hooking into the currents waiting for the action to begin, and swimming into the center of the biggest school of barracuda I could ever imagine. Wow! It was epic. Boat: the boat was very clean and comfortable at all times. It is very well organized. Diving: we especially enjoyed the adventure and discovery aspect of the Forgotten Islands. It was fun to feel we were in such a very remote area. Crew: EVERYONE of the crew was top notch!! The training and preparation really shows throughout the complete trip. Lisa and G make a great team together as cruise directors. All the crew was a pleasure. Food: best food on any liveaboard! The food was creative and tasty! Thank you for the beautiful artistic carving for my 300th dive! We also appreciate the nice wine list 🙂