I would go anywhere on this boat! A real bonus to this trip was going to the active volcano, Komba. The evening hours were filled with the anticipation of the erupting volcano, the backdrop of a full red moon and the camaraderie of newly found friends. A truly magical and memorable night! The boat: Cabin was kept very clean and comfortable. Restaurant areas had ample space for everyone and kept very tidy. Sky lounge was particularly nice with the shade tarp up. Dive prep area was well organized. Very easy living! The diving: Destinations and dive sites were well planned. Briefings were thorough with nice illustrations. I always felt safe and tenders were constantly close by. The crew: The whole crew seemed very happy and cohesive. Excellent attitude from everyone. Crew anticipated everyone’s needs with care. Dive master was very attentive and excellent at finding critters! (Ungke) I learned a lot! Very, very nice people. The food: We certainly would not go hungry! Food was fresh and varied. Great flavours. Croissants were yummy!