Everyone was amazing on the boat. As a diver, the divemasters were amazing especially in their ability to adapt to the different diving styles. I’m not a photographer but I felt very well taken care of and Debbie always stayed with me when I had additional air. Also I was very impressed with everyone (especially tender drivers and cabin boys) who tried with their English. Their gumption was incredible. I went on Debbie’s 5,000th dive. Most of our group went up early but I still had air … hooked onto the reef with Debbie playing in schools of fish was amazing. We stayed there for a while and seeing her enjoy the dive that much made me enjoy it more. I was very lucky to be her dive buddy for such a milestone. All my dives with her, Ungke, Lisa, G and everyone were a blast. Diving: I rented a dive light and the crew always put in fresh batteries. They also did a good job letting me do things like adjust my BCD and weights during the dives. Crew: all spectacular! They took care of us and made a great effort to make us feel welcome. Even the more advanced divers felt part of the group and like we were on vacation. Tenders drivers were also very amazing with helping and accepting to our diving styles. Food: all amazing. One of the chefs made mind blowing fruit carvings and Tony was always awesome.