Such a fabulous trip! So relaxing. We loved how easy diving was. Having the gear so organized. Having the early and late groups staggered to spread out dive timing. So clever and efficient! One of my favorite parts of the trip was diving with Lisa. She was a great divemaster, always pointing out fun tiny critters. Even though she has done so many dives, she was still so excited about everything. This made it so much more fun for us. We would always see her eyes get wide under water, like ours. And she would clap when she saw something super exciting. One day we saw a huge grouper and she squeezed my arm so hard :o) Boat: Loved having air conditioning in rooms and restaurant. Loved the shade upstairs. Crew: Everyone was so great and helpful! Anto and Kadek are so awesome and fun. Wayan and Wenton are great too – always greeting us enthusiastically. Our tender drivers Nasir and Bayu were so great too! And Lisa and G were so helpful and fun! Food: So delicious! Loved how many choices there were at every meal. Everything was so fresh.