This is my first liveboard and I think I am definitely spoilt. The food is better than any high class restaurant. It has many varieties and I never got hungry. The crew members are always so polite and willing to help us. Divemaster Wawan also showed me a million things and taught me so many things. It’s great to see how passionate everyone is. DIVE STORY: “It was the last dive. We decided that we should dive a little longer than usual. Four of us, including our divemaster Wawan went down to about 80 feet. As soon as he showed the Spanish mackerel we heard a ‘boom’ and we looked around and saw that the air from one of our dive members was gushing out at high speed. We all were stunned but Wawan reacted fast and swam to her and gave her his octopus. He quickly turned off her air. The diver did not panic as she was experienced. He then signaled to me and my mom to continue while he and the diver slowly surfaced. We hung around for a while, taking photos, while Wawan went to change the hose. After that we met again and continued our dive. It is very reassuring to know that our divemaster is always alert in case anything happens to us and at the same time entertain us and find many interesting things for us!” It is definitely the best liveaboard ever! Even though it’s my first, if I had a choice I would choose Arenui without a doubt! Wonderful experience. The boat – everything is just perfect!!! The diving – saw too many things for me to take it all in! The crew – simply awesome! Especially my divemaster Wawan, he really took care of me and showed me so many new things. It’s so great that he has so much knowledge and passion for the underwater world and diving. The stewards are super friendly! Wawan never fails to make me laugh!